The Department of Biostatistics is internationally recognized as a leader in biostatistics research and training and is housed in three different locations: administrative and faculty offices, including a suite of offices for graduate students in McGavran-Greenberg Hall, the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center located in Carolina Square at 123 West Franklin Street, suite 450. and the Carolina Survey Research Laboratory at 730 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., both in Chapel Hill.

A searchable database of faculty publications is available here.



Robert Agans Associate Professor
Eric Bair Associate Professor
Richard Bilsborrow Professor
Jianwen Cai Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor
Ding-Geng (Din) Chen Professor
David Couper Professor
Jamie Crandell Associate Professor
Jason Fine Professor
Annie Green Howard Assistant Professor
Marcus Herman-Giddens Instructor
Michael Hudgens Professor
Joseph G. Ibrahim Alumni Distinguished Professor Director  of Graduate Studies
Anastasia Ivanova Professor
Yuchao Jiang Assistant Professor
Gary Koch Professor
Michael R. Kosorok W.R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor and Chair
Lisa M. LaVange Professor and Associate Chair and Director of the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
Quefeng Li Assistant Professor
Yun Li Associate Professor
Danyu Lin Dennis Gillings Distinguished Professor
Feng-Chang Lin Associate Professor
Yufeng Liu Professor
Matthew Loop Assistant Professor
Michael Love Assistant Professor
James Stephen Marron Amos Hawley Distinguished Professor
Jane Monaco Associate Professor
Andrew B. Nobel Professor
John S. Preisser Professor
Matthew Psioda Assistant Professor
Bahjat Qaqish Professor
Naim Rashid Assistant Professor
Kathy Roggenkamp Instructor
Todd Schwartz Associate Professor
Richard Smith Mark L. Reed Distinguished Professor
Daniela Sotres-Alvarez Associate Professor
Paul Stewart Professor
Xianming Tan Associate Professor
Kinh Truong Professor
Di Wu Assistant Professor
Donglin Zeng Professor
Haibo Zhou Professor
Hongtu Zhu Professor
Fei Zou Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Shrikant I. Bangdiwala Professor Emeritus
Lloyd Chambless Professor Emeritus
Clarence E. Davis Professor Emeritus
James E. Grizzle Professor Emeritus
Ronald W. Helms Professor Emeritus
William D. Kalsbeek Professor Emeritus
Lawrence L. Kupper Professor Emeritus
Keith E. Muller Professor Emeritus
Dana E. Quade Professor Emeritus
Pranab Sen Professor Emeritus
Chirayath M. Suchindran Professor Emeritus
Michael J. Symons Professor Emeritus
Craig D. Turnbull Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

Biggs, Matthew Adjunct Assistant Professor
Georgiy Bobashev Adjunct Associate Professor
Chen, Liddy Adjunct Assistant Professor
Alan Karr Adjunct Professor
Eric B. Laber Adjunct Assistant Professor
Herman Mitchell Adjunct Professor
Jean Orelien Adjunct Assistant Professor
Shyamal Peddada Adjunct Professor
Sean Simpson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wei Sun Adjunct Associate Professor
Thomas, Sonia M. Adjunct Professor
William Valdar Adjunct Assistant Professor
Clarice Weinberg Adjunct Professor
Michael Wu Adjunct Assistant Professor
Shanshan Zhao Adjunct Assistant Professor
Richard Zink Adjunct Assistant Professor

Department of Biostatistics

Vera Bennett Human Resources Consultant
Dallas Carter Asst. Dept. Chair for Finance and Administration
Monika Soria Caruso Grants Manager
Mary Everette Accounting Specialist
David Hill Tech Support Analyst
Melissa Hobgood Student Services Manager
Anneli Leander Business Services Coordinator
Terry Link Accounting Technician
Jeff Oberhaus Soc/Clin Research Specialist Communications
Debbie Quach Business Officer
Bethsaida Seagroves Executive Assistant to the Chair
Christopher Sheldahl Applications Specialist
Veronica Stallings Student Services Specialist
Scott C. Zentz Systems Programmer/Specialist

Carolina Survey Research Laboratory

Kyra Catabay Soc/Clin Research Assistant
MaryKate Cunningham Soc/Clin Research Assistant
Deborah Marean Survey Programmer and Data Mgr

Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center

Maria de los Angeles (Nana) Abreu Social/Clinical Research Specialist
Vidya Antony Applications Analyst
Erica Atkins Admin Support Specialist
Lori Bateman Soc/Clin Research Manager
Nicole Blanton Soc/Clin Research Assistant
Ashley Britt Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Barbara Brown Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Hope Bryan IT Manager
Sheila Burgard Principal Biostatistician
Myra Carpenter Senior Biostatistician
Sunchu Chowdary Applications Specialist
Steven Cory Applications Analyst
Forrest DeMarcus Business Services Coordinator
Lisa Dusenberry Business Officer
Jeff Evarts Applications Analyst
Teresa Filipowicz Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Adam Franzen Applications Specialist
Daniel Garbinsky Applications Analyst
Bryce B. Glasspoole Applications Analyst
Franklyn Gonzalez Soc/Clin Research Manager
Rachel Goolsby Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Nathan M. Gotman Biostatistician
Cameron Gunn Soc/Clin Research Assistant
Lisa Gravens-Mueller Biostatistician
Carolyn Hagy Business Officer
Linda Hartig Applications Analyst
Lindsey Holland Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Jeremy Grant Holliday Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Michele Inishi Soc/Clin Specialist
John James Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Kwanhye Jung Applications Specialist
James Locklear Applications Specialist
Alison Marquis Principal Biostatistician
Micah McCumber Soc/Clin Research Manager
Allison McGee Social Research Assistant
William McGee Soc/Clin Research Assistant
Sarah Moody Applications Analyst
Yonghong Nie Application Analyst
Cara Nordberg Biostatistician
Jeff Oberhaus Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Aluoch Ooro Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Pedro Miguel Quibrera Biostatistician
Carla Quinones Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Lisa Reeves Soc/Clin Research Manager
Laura Renshaw Soc/Clin Research Assistant
Kim Ring Research Project Director
Cheyanne Ritz Public Communications Specialist
Betty Rupp Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Maria Sanchez Soc/Clin Research Manager
Stephanie Schwartz Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Mirela Scott Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Ping Shen Applications Analyst
Yue Shen Applications Analyst
Jeffrey Sink Applications Tech
Carl Smalley System Programmer/Specialist
Jan Louise Smith Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Lisa Strader Research Project Director
Robert Sumner, Jr. Applications Specialist
Kui Sun Applications Specialist
Yanping Teng Biostatistician
Hongqing Tian Applications Analyst
Pingping Wu Soc/Clin Research Specialist
Marston Youngblood, Jr. Biostatistician/Supervisor


Departmental committees are listed here.

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