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Information on Email Scams
Recently, the Information Security Office has been alerted to an uptick in attempts to gather personal information from students via fake job offers purporting to be from research employment opportunities.
Here are some tips to help you sort out whether a job offer solicited via email is legitimate or not (here’s a clue: they’re usually not).

  • The employer contacted you and you never contacted them.
  • The pay offered is above average for the position.
  • Online interviews are conducted via instant messaging services.
  • You are asked to provide confidential information either via email or the creation of an account online.
  • Payment is required to participate in the hiring process.
  • There is a sense of urgency or a time requirement for immediate action on your part.
  • It just feels “off.”

If you receive suspicious e-mails like this, please alert the service desk via 919-962-HELP or help.unc.edu before taking any other actions.

Job Postings

Please check back soon for new job postings.

TitleLocationStartEndHours/WeekSalary/StipendApplication DeadlineHow to ApplyRoles/ResponsibilitiesQualifications/Education Requirements
Research Opportunity- StatisticianRemoteAs Soon As PossibleFlexibleVariesauthorship and a modest stipendAs Soon As PossibleContact Trevor Ellison, Read more/less.
a Johns Hopkins MD, PhD, MBA trained surgeon who practices cardiac surgery in Columbus, Ohio at trevorellison@gmail.com or 410-245-2242 if you are interested or have questions.
I am looking for a statistician to re-write some code and finish off some edits for one of my papers that is just about set for publication. Read more/less.
I can offer authorship and a modest stipend. This is a great opportunity to get authorship on a paper that has already been written and is in the publication process. My statistician went to medical school and does not have time to address the edits and so I am looking for another statistician now to just help get this paper over the finish line. I will be the primary author and the senior author is Dorry Segev, MD (he is an incredibly prolific author from Johns Hopkins who is now at NYU).
The paper deals with a Markov model and CART analysis. I am including the Abstract below and I will share the entire paper (like I said, it is already written and in the publication process).
A more granular donor kidney grading scale, the KDPI, has recently emerged in contradistinction to the SCD/ECD framework. In this paper, we built a Markov decision process model to evaluate the survival, QALY and cost advantages from using high-KDPI kidneys based on multiple KDPI strata over a 60-month time horizon as opposed to remaining on the waiting list waiting for a lower-KDPI kidney. Data for the model was gathered from the SRTR and USRDS Medicare Parts A, B and D databases. Of the 129,024 phenotypes delineated in this model, 65% of them would experience a survival benefit, 81% would experience an increase in QALYs, 87% would see a cost-savings and 76% would experience cost-savings per QALY from accepting a high-KDPI kidney rather than remaining on the waiting list waiting for a kidney of lower-KDPI. CART analysis revealed the main drivers of increased survival in accepting high-KDPI kidneys were wait time ≥ 30 months, PRA < 90, age ≥ 45-65, diagnosis leading to renal failure and prior transplantation. CART analysis showed the main drivers of increased QALYs in accepting high-kidneys were wait time ≥ 30 months, PRA < 90, and age ≥ 55-65. [/expand]
Statistician preferred
Peace Corps Strategic Campus Recruiter PositionUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Career ServicesThis position is anticipated to begin in August and run through the end of the academic year.This position is anticipated to begin in August and run through the end of the academic year.Part-time (20 hours/week)$25.00 per hour and graduate student health insurance coverageNo hard deadlineSend cover letter, resume and two references to Jacquelyn Gist jmgist@email.unc.edu Final selection is contingent on approval from the Peace Corps.The Peace Corps Strategic Campus (Strat) Recruiter will increase awareness of Peace Corps Volunteer opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community through a variety of recruitment activities, including, but not limited to: Read more/less.
delivering class or club presentations, tabling in public, high-traffic areas on campus and/or at career fairs, organizing and facilitating application workshops and retention events, and developing relationships with key stakeholders on campus.

Depending on campus activities and recruitment events, evening and weekend hours may be required.
This position reports dually to Peace Corps and University Career Services.
Present class talks or presentations, including presentations to targeted diverse populations on campus
Complete application workshops, which coincide with Peace Corps’ application deadlines
Staff recruitment tables (e.g. university career fairs, other events with similar goals and/or tabling public, high-traffic areas on campus)
Organize and facilitate retention events (e.g. send-off/welcome back volunteer parties, friends and family events, Peace Corps Week celebrations, and/or RPCV panels).
Hold relationship-building meetings (weighted toward early in the fall semester) with different key on-campus and community stakeholders that align with Peace Corps’ six sectors with the intention of gaining access to students
Hold relationship-building meetings with key on-campus diversity departments and leaders (multicultural/diversity offices, student transfer offices, student life offices, scholarship program offices, club leaders, Greek leaders, etc.) with the intention of gaining access to students
Post and hold at least 15 regular office hours per week to meet with potential and current applicants
This position requires candidates have strong organizational and communication skills, including the ability to see tasks through to completion with little supervision, as well as demonstrated event planning, public speaking and partnership-building experience.

- Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
- Enrolled in a UNC Chapel Hill Graduate or Professional school as of August 2022
- Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
- Outstanding written and verbal communication skills as this position requires a great deal of public speaking
- Ability to work independently
- Confidence in networking and outreach
Summer Research Fellow in Environmental Public HealthMDB, Inc., an environmental health consulting company in RTPASAPThrough Summer 2022The work hours are flexible (10-25 hours/week)$15/hourASAPIf you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume to Larisa Bennett (lbennett@michaeldbaker.com) and Megan Boland (mboland@michaeldbaker.com).The position is currently remote due to COVID-19, but applicants may request fully remote, hybrid, or in person work once it is safe to return to the office.Read more/less.

If you are looking for some experience in environmental health consulting/communications, this may be for you! Job responsibilities include reading scientific research and analyzing and entering data related to environmental public health, infectious disease, climate change, and toxicology.
We are looking for current masters students and recent grads (BS and MS/MSPH), but will also consider senior undergrads.
Disparities in Prostate Cancer Care Graduate Research AssistantChapel HillAugust 15, 2022May 202318 hrs/week$6,500 for Master's students or $8,500 for Doctoral students5pm on Sunday, July 17thInterested applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Hannah Prentice-Dunn (hannahpd@unc.edu), Project Director for Cancer Prevention & Control by 5pm on Sunday, July 17th. Position Summary Read more/less.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men and has a substantially higher incidence and mortality among Black men when compared to White men. Racial disparities in care delivery for early-stage prostate cancer are well known, but less is known about gaps in advanced prostate cancer care. Survival for metastatic prostate cancer has improved due to recent advances in treatment - making equity in cancer care a critically important issue.
We are seeking a Graduate Research Assistant (full stipend, tuition, and health insurance) to work with Dr. Jacob Stein during the 2022-2023 academic year. Dr. Stein’s research is focused on evaluating gaps in cancer care delivery – particularly to historically underserved populations – and developing interventions to resolve those gaps. Dr. Jacob Stein has just received national funding to conduct a study to 1) quantify racial gaps in care for men with metastatic prostate cancer and 2) to understand the patient experience for Black men with prostate cancer. This work includes extracting data from UNC medical records to understand rates of treatment for men with prostate cancer, as well as surveying men with advanced prostate cancer about their experiences with care.
The Graduate Research Assistant will provide key project coordination including assisting with:
• Management of IRB communications and approvals
• Recruitment of eligible subjects for survey participation, data gathering through survey administration
• Analysis of large datasets to explore patterns of prostate cancer treatment by race and other sociodemographic groups
• Analysis of survey and qualitative data to explore differences in cancer care experience across different patient groups, including racial groups
• Development of diagrams, figures, and other data visualization for research findings
• Development of manuscripts and/or poster presentations to summarize findings
This Graduate Research Assistant position is planned for the 2022-2023 academic year and will require 18 hours per week of work. The position will offer stipend, tuition, and health insurance.
The Graduate Research Assistant will also have several publication opportunities while contributing to these projects.
Read more/less.

The candidate should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and career interest in public health or medicine.
Qualifications & Experience Requirements
Ideal candidates for this position should be passionate about health services research, cancer health equity, and/or care delivery improvement. Strong candidates will also be self-motivated and driven, and have excellent organization, communication and writing skills. Candidates should be familiar with standard research principles and have quantitative data analysis skills including use of SAS, Stata, or other analysis software.
Communications and Strategic Initiatives Graduate AssistantUNC Gillings Communications and Dean's Offices-Chapel HillAugust 22, 2022May 13, 202216 hours per week (flexible)Full GRA Package: $6,500 per semester, graduate student health insurance, tuition assistance and school feesFriday, July 8 by 5PMPlease submit your CV and cover letter via this form by Friday, July 8. For any questions, please email Arielle Moss (amoss888@ad.unc.edu). Tasks will vary based on current needs. Example of tasks will include: Read more/less.

- Dean's Office:
•Collaborate on Schoolwide strategic initiatives, including taking the lead on the Gillings on the Ground project; working on schoolwide strategic planning
•Support schoolwide strategic planning efforts, including helping to organize meetings; take minutes; develop deliverables; and do some project management.
•Support other timely time-limited projects, as needed.

Communications Unit:
•Complete website updates
•Assist with social media engagement across Gillings School platforms
•Provide student perspective and feedback for various deliverables
•Promote inclusive language and graphics across Gillings School deliverables
•Edit photos and videos using Adobe Creative Cloud
•Design graphics for Gillings School events
This position requires candidates have strong organizational and communication skills, including the ability to see tasks through to completion with little supervision, as well as demonstrated curriculum planning and partnership-building experience. Prior experience in WordPress, graphic design, and social media is preferred, but not required.

- Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
- Enrolled in UNC Chapel Hill Gillings School as of August 2022
- Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
- Ability to work independently
- Confidence in networking and outreach
Student AnalystChapel HillASAPTBD10$20/hrThursday, July 14, 2022Submit a resume/CV and cover letter to Nicholas Perrone, nperrone@email.unc.eduStudent analysts assist the Office of Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence Read more/less.
provide administrative data and analytics solutions to school- and departmental-level leadership in the Gillings School through their work assisting with data cleaning, data reporting, benchmarking, and data visualization projects.
Ideal candidates would be students with a background in Read more/less.
data management, data analysis, analytics, management information systems, or other data intensive projects/positions and an interest in organizational administration or informatics. SAS programming and/or advanced Excel knowledge are required. Some SQL programming is very desirable. Previous work with database technologies such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MSAccess and other statistical and data visualization tools like Tableau or SAS VA would be a bonus. Additional experience in qualitative analysis and its tools (NVivo or Atlas.ti) is a big plus.
TitleLocationStartEndHours/WeekSalary/StipendApplication DeadlineHow to ApplyRoles/ResponsibilitiesQualifications/Education Requirements