Providing Environmental Solutions for Public Health and Wellbeing

Building Resilience to Climate and Environmental Change

Students will be provided a supportive learning environment that will encourage them to understand the environmental transport and transformation of chemicals and infectious agents, protect vulnerable populations from toxic exposures, mitigate the impacts of climate change on air, water and health and engineer a healthy, sustainable and equitable future.

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Water Resilience Infrastructure Investments: Dr. Gregory Characklis investigates how to make water supply portfolios more equitable for community partners. Read more.

Dr. Gregory Characklis
Gregory Characklis, PhD

The content of airborne particulate matter could have significant effects on health and climate change.

Jason Suratt, PhD will serve as the principal investigator on a $12 million National Science Foundation-funded project to determine how aerosols can impact the atmosphere and climate change by establishing a network of 12 testing sites around the United States, including locations in national parks and in some of the country's largest cities

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