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We take to heart the Innovate Carolina mission to move a greater number of valuable ideas into the world faster, where they can make the greatest social and economic impact possible. Members of the Gillings community are committed to innovation in research, teaching, and practice. Our resources, including the $50M Gillings gift, allow us to accelerate responses to some of the most pressing public health problems across North Carolina and around the world.

solving urgent, extremely important public health issues

master the skills to create novel, new, and implemented solutions

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Message from the Managing Director

Venture Feature

SNP Therapeutics is a new company exploring the role of genetics in precision nutrition. Originating from the research of Gillings researcher Steven Zeisel, the company plans to launch their first genetic test in Q4, 2021 and is poised to be a leader in the precision nutrition market segment thanks to the unique way they develop their genetic tests and algorithms to identify the genes/variants contributing to various health issues and disease, including Fatty Liver (NAFLD or IFALD), Male Infertility - Sperm Motility, Pregnancy – Prenatal Nutrition, and Muscle Wasting – Sarcopenia.