Blue Gillings School horizontal logo The Gillings School student handbook is an important resource for ensuring your success at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. It is a welcome for new students and a source of information for all students. It covers major policies and procedures within the School and informs you about our history, mission and organization. It is a “how-to, where-to,” go-to guide, designed to answer many of your questions about getting things done while you are a student here. We hope you will use and benefit from the handbook.

Please note: This handbook is a living document. We need students’ feedback to make it stronger and even more useful, so please share your comments.

Gillings School Handbook

2020 UNC Gillings School Student Handbook (PDF)



  • The University of North Carolina
  • The Graduate School
  • The Gillings School of Global Public Health

Message from the Dean

About the Gillings School

  • Mission Statement
  • Diversity Statement
  • School Leadership and Organizational Structure
  • Central Administration Information
    Dean’s Office
    Academic Affairs
    Student Affairs
    Career Services
  • Academic Unit Information
    Academic Unit Student Services
    Environmental Sciences and Engineering
    Health Behavior
    Health Policy and Management
    Maternal and Child Health
    Public Health Leadership Program
  • Centers and Institutes
    North Carolina Institute for Public Health
    Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility
    Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
    Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center
    UNC Center for Innovative Clinical Trials
    UNC Nutrition Obesity Research
    The Water Institute at UNC
    Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute
    Center for Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Office of Student Affairs
  • Student Organizations and Groups
  • Academic Unit (Departmental) Student Services

Academic Procedures and Services Across All Programs

  • Advising
  • Mentorship
  • Expectations for Students
    Progress Toward Degree
    Practice and Service
    Professional Development
    Assistantships and Financial Support
    Social Media
    Seeking Help and Communicating Concerns
  • Honor Code
  • University Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Calendars
    Gillings School Calendar
    Academic Calendar
    University Registrar’s Calendar
    Final Exam Schedule
  • Accessibility Resources and Accommodations
  • Academic Enrichment Program
  • School Awards
  • Student Emergency Fund
  • Diversity Resources
  • University Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct
  • Graduation
  • Laptop Policy

Undergraduate Education

Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)

  • BSPH Admissions Requirements
  • Requirements Common to All Undergraduate Majors in the Gillings School
  • Pursuing a Second Major
  • Pursuing an Academic Minor
  • Registration
  • Tar Heel Tracker
  • Drop/Add
  • Attendance
  • Excused Absences for Religious Reasons
  • Pass/D+/D/Fail
  • Undergraduate Grading
  • Dean’s List
  • Credit/Course Loads
    Academic Credit Overload Request
    Medical Underload
    Academic Appeals for an Underload
    Senior Underload
  • Repeating Courses
  • Academic Progression and Eligibility Requirements
  • Academic Appeal Types and Processes
    Petition to Drop After Eighth Week
    Past Semester(s) Course Drop
    Final Exam Excuse
    Grade Appeal
    Additional Semester Appeal
    Petition for Course Substitution for General Education Requirements
  • Withdrawals and Cancellations
  • Readmission
  • Student Resources
  • Course Approval for Transfer Credit
  • Degree Residency Requirement

Graduate Education

  • Transferring Course Credit
  • Graduate Grading
    Graduate Permanent Grades
    Special Permanent Grades
    Temporary Grades
    AB: Absent from Final Exam
    IN: Work Incomplete
    NR: Not Recorded
  • Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal from the University
  • Cancellation of Registration
  • Registering for Courses
    Full-time Registration
    Waiver of Hours
    Required Registration
    Assistantships and Fellowships
    Examinations and Thesis/Dissertation
    Credit/Course Load
    Course Overload Request
    School Core Course Exemption
    Adding Courses
    Dropping Courses
    Post-Semester Registration Changes
    Inter-Institutional Registration
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • The Graduate and Professional Student Emergency Fund
  • Health Insurance Plans
  • North Carolina Residency
  • International Students
  • Funding Basics and Payment Schedule
  • Tuition Remission and In-state Tuition Awards
  • Assistantships and Fellowships
  • Master’s Program
    Credit and Residence Requirements
    The 20 Percent Rule
    – MPH
    – MSPH
    – MHA
    – MS
    – MSEE
    – MSCR
  • Doctoral Program
    Transferring Course Credits
  • Dual-Degree Programs
  • Graduate Certificate Programs
    Residential Certificate Programs (for matriculated, degree-seeking students)
    Non-residential Certificate Programs (for non-matriculated students)
  • Transfer of Course Credit to Certificate Programs
  • Transfer of Course Credit to Degrees

Department and University Documents

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