Funding Resources

Looking for funding opportunities for a new project? Here are links to internal/pilot funding opportunities at UNC and databases for external funding opportunities. If you need assistance or have questions, email to set up an appointment with our staff.

Research Proposal Resources and Policies

Here is a collection of resources to help you as you develop your research proposals. If you have questions about information not covered here, please email

Where can I find campus-wide research resources?
How can I get feedback on my Specific Aims?

Want help with your  Specific Aims for proposals? The Gillings Research Solutions unit offers scientific review of Specific Aims for proposal to any major granting agency on a regular cycle.

Need proposal templates and information?

We have compiled resources to help you prepare a variety of funding proposals. The resources provide general language that describes the research environment at UNC and Gillings, including research resources, diversity initiatives, and general information about the university. Modify these to fit the needs of your specific proposal.

How do I find new collaborators at UNC?

If you need assistance finding new collaborators from Gillings or across campus, please contact to set an appointment to discuss your needs.

Do you know the different between a gift, grant and contract?

Unsure about the difference between gifts, grants, and contracts? This section provides University guidance and policies regarding gifts, sponsored projects, and grants. For information on research as a "gift" or a "sponsored project," please see:


The Gillings School is committed to maintaining the highest standards for conducting research. These resources should help answer any questions you may have about research compliance. If you have additional questions, please email

Required Trainings

All Gillings School researchers are required to complete the research trainings found in this section.

Required Trainings

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