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Diversity Outreach, Recruitment and Programs

Students mingle at the 2012 Partnership Program Networking Event.

Students mingle at the Partnership Program Networking Event.

The Gillings School of Global Public Health is committed to the diversity of our students, faculty and staff and the reduction of health disparities in the world around us.

In the spirit of this commitment, faculty, staff and students throughout the School seek to foster an environment that attracts a diverse group of top-notch students and helps them to thrive.

For more information about how we cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment to better prepare our students for the diverse world that awaits them, visit the Diversity and Inclusion pages.

Schedule a Meeting

If you need support on how to successfully navigate the Gillings School, UNC or higher education in general, schedule an appointment with Trinnette Cooper (Gillings School Office of Student Affairs).  Trinnette supports students around having difficult conversations with, peers, faculty/ advisors, connecting to university and community resources, personal responsibility, and leadership; also in follow up to any of the Student Success Seminars.

To schedule an appointment, first select a time when Trinnette is available. Then, request a meeting with Trinnette through your UNC Heelmail Calendar (view instructions- PDF).

Outreach, Recruitment and Activities
Presentation Request
On behalf of the Gillings School, our staff engages in activities and services to attract qualified students with diverse backgrounds, including under-represented minority and international students.
Who we reach out to:
We create and support presentations, events and other activities to encourage the public health interests of students and professionals at all levels of education and experience, including events and activities that reach:

  • Elementary, middle and high school students;
  • Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students;
  • Recent graduates;
  • Working professionals; and
  • K-12 and higher education counselors, advisers and faculty.

What we do, and where we go, to reach you:
Throughout the year, student services staff, faculty and students participate in activities with hundreds of diverse students and professionals. We attend, participate in, organize and lead:

  • School and class presentations about public health fields, academics, careers and admission to schools of public health
  • Panels focused on health careers and schools
  • Career and college fairs
  • Open houses, diversity orientation, and informational meetings
  • Presentations, tours and group activities for participants in a variety of summer programs
  • Individual consultations/meetings with prospective students

Interested in organizing a visit to the Gillings School? Would you like to have a School representative attend your event or program? We are here to help. Please contact us at or check out the Visit Us page.

Interested in finding information on in-state, regional schools, and national recruiting conferences our School attends? Contact Trinnette Cooper, Coordinator of Diversity Programs and Recruitment at


Project IMHOTEP is an eleven-week internship designed to increase the knowledge and skills of juniors and seniors and recent graduates of an undergraduate institution in biostatistics, epidemiology, and occupational safety and health. It features:

  • Two weeks of intense training at Morehouse College that provides interns with academic coursework and information necessary to complete the program;
  • Nine weeks of hands-on public health research experience with experts at UNC-Gillings that also includes
  • Seminars, workshops and other educational initiatives;
  • Research support and consultation in data analysis and other project requirements; and
  • Community service related to the research.

Selection process. The selection process for Project IMHOTEP is very rigorous and extremely competitive. Only serious, self-motivated and disciplined students should apply. Candidates should have a demonstrable interest in pursuing a public health career, with a particular emphasis in biostatistics, epidemiology, or occupational safety and health.


Partners Program:
Summer research opportunities for NCCU and UNC-Chapel Hill undergrads

The Partners Program aims to increase the number of undergraduates from North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and UNC-Chapel Hill who successfully pursue careers devoted to finding causes, cures, and prevention strategies for cancer that disproportionately affect minorities, particularly African Americans.

To do this, leaders from NCCU and the UNC-Chapel Hill Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) are working together to lay the groundwork for an inter-institutional training program for undergraduates who are motivated to pursue careers in basic cancer research and in public health.

The SPH Office of Student Affairs coordinates summer research opportunities with LCCC and NCCU students.

Minority Health Conference
Launched by the Schools Minority Student Caucus (MSC) in 1997 and supported by the Office of Student Affairs, the annual Minority Health Conference is the oldest – and largest – student-run conference in the country. Its planning committee is composed of representatives of its sponsors, including:

  • the Minority Student Caucus
  • the SPH Dean’s Office
  • the NC Institute of Public Health
  • the Minority Health Project
  • student volunteers

The conference is co-sponsored by various organizations in and outside the University.

Summer Public Health Symposium

We appreciate your interest, however, the Summer Public Health High School Symposium program has ended.

Contact: Trinnette Cooper at or (919) 966-5294.

The Gillings School relies on internal and external partners to maximize the breadth and impact of our outreach and recruitment initiatives. We welcome new opportunities to work with organizations interested in supporting minority students as they pursue careers in health professions, particularly public health. Please contact us at with your ideas on how we can best work with you. Our current partners include:

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