The Academic Programs Committee (APC) has schoolwide responsibility for academic standards and policies; acts as a liaison between the Gillings School and the UNC Graduate School and the Office of Undergraduate Curricula. The Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs is the chair of the committee, and representatives from each department are selected by the chair of that department in consultation with the Associate Dean. Two student representatives are selected from the student organizations in the School. View the detailed Charge and Responsibilities of the Academic Programs Committee here (updated 7/16). View the 2017-2018 Meeting Schedule here.


2018-19  academic year representatives:

  • Melinda Beck, PhD – NUTR
  • Greg Bocchino, EdD – Office of Student Affairs
  • Susan Ennett, PhD – HB
  • Lori Evarts, MPH – PHLP
  • Aleta Gaertner, MPH – Academic Affairs
  • Avram Gold, PhD – ESE
  • Jon Hussey, PhD – MCH
  • Laura Linnan, ScD (Chair) – Academic Affairs
  • Steven Meshnick, MD, PhD – EPID
  • Jane Monaco, DrPH –  BIOS
  • Paula Song, PhD – HPM
  • Melanie Studer, MHSA – HPM Doctoral Student

Current efforts to innovate teaching:

As part of the Gillings School’s Strategic Plan, SPH2020 (adopted in 2011), leaders across the School identified “twenty-first century teaching and classrooms” as one of four top priorities for collaboratoryinvestment. Activities under this action plan include (a) enhancing teaching and learning applications: (b) identifying, encouraging and rewarding high-quality teaching; and (c) redesigning the spaces where we teach and learn. This focus has resulted in many redesigned courses; new professional development opportunities and teaching awards; and two (soon to be three) new classrooms, plus multiple collaboratories.

School events held to highlight teaching innovations include several Celebrate Teaching events.

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