The Academic Programs Committee (APC) has school-wide responsibility for academic standards and policies and acts as a liaison between the Gillings School, the UNC Graduate School and the UNC Office of Undergraduate Curricula. The Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs chairs the committee, and representatives from each department are selected by the chair of that department in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean. Additionally, staff members from Academic and Student Affairs serve on the committee.  Learn more about the Charge and Responsibilities of APC (PDF), and view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to see which curriculum changes (i.e., courses, programs) need to come to APC.

2020-2021 academic year representatives

(*voting members)

Dr. Allison Aiello

Allison Aiello

Allison, Aiello, PhD*
Professor and Social Epidemiology Program Leader
Department of Epidemiology

Greg Bocchino

Greg Bocchino

Greg Bocchino, EdD*
Director of Student Services
Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Kyle Burger

Kyle Burger

Kyle Burger, PhD*
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition

Lori Evarts

Lori Evarts, MPH*
Director of Graduate Studies and Assistant Professor
Public Health Leadership Program

Aleta Gaertner

Aleta Evans Gaertner

Aleta Evans Gaertner, MPH
Coordinator for Curriculum Assessment, Accreditation and Pedagogy
Academic Affairs

Dr. Avram Gold

Avram Gold

Avram Gold, PhD*
Associate Chair for Academics and Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Shelley Golden

Shelley Golden

Shelley Golden, PhD*
Vice Chair for Academic  Affairs and Associate Professor, Health Behavior

Laura Linnan

Laura Linnan

Laura Linnan, ScD (Chair)*
Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs and Professor, Health Behavior
Academic Affairs

Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin, PhD*
Associate Chair for Research, Director of Graduate Students, and Professor, Maternal and Children Health

Dr. Jane Monaco

Jane Monaco

Jane Monaco, DrPH*
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Biostatistics

Melanie Studer

Melanie Studer

Melanie Studer, MHSA, PhD*
Assistant Professor and BSPH Program Director, Health Policy and Management

Talking Points from Recent Meetings


  •  CIM input due dates according to course numbers to assure course information is accurate in the subsequent academic year course catalog (“catalog year”) and registration system.
    • Changes include course titles, numbers, description, credit hours, content
Due Date  Course Numbers Academic Year Catalog 
October 15, 2020 =/<699  Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 course catalog
January 15, 2021 =/> 700  Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 course catalog


Prior Meetings


  1. If students have questions about fall semester, refer them to their Academic Coordinators.
  2. Contact Danny Collins and copy Greg Bocchino with any last-minute class assignments and course scheduling questions.
  3. Contact Greg Bocchinoand Naya Villarreal with questions about/from international students.
  4. Faculty instructors are encouraged to make their syllabi available before the start of the academic term.
  5. Note three courses with COVID-19 content:
  • SPHG 690, 1-credit COVID-19 course for grad students (coming September/October 2020)
  • SPHG 101 will include COVID-19 content for undergrads(existing course)
  1. Teaching resources:
  2. MPH Comp Exam info and FAQ’s:

Checklist, Forms and Guidance