The Academic Programs Committee (APC) has schoolwide responsibility for academic standards and policies and acts as a liaison between the Gillings School, the UNC Graduate School and the UNC Office of Undergraduate Curricula. The Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs chairs the committee, and representatives from each department are selected by the chair of that department in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean. Additionally, staff members from Academic and Student Affairs serve on the committee.  Learn more about the Charge and Responsibilities of APC (PDF), and view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to see which curriculum changes (i.e., courses, programs) need to come to APC.

2023-2024 academic year representatives

(*voting members)

Greg Bocchino

Dr. Greg Bocchino

Greg Bocchino, EdD*
Senior Executive Director for Advising and Student Affairs,
Office of Student Affairs

Daniel Collins
Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Orlando Coronell

Dr. Orlando Coronell

Orlando Coronell, PhD*
Associate Chair for Academics and Associate Professor,
Environmental Science and Engineering

Lori Evarts

Lori Evarts, MPH*
Director, Operations Excellence and Associate Professor

Shelley Golden

Dr. Shelley Golden

Shelley Golden, PhD*
Vice Chair for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor,
Health Behavior

Pamela Lee

Pamela Lee

Pamela Lee, MA
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator,
Dean’s Office and Academic Affairs

Laura Linnan

Dr. Laura Linnan

Laura Linnan, ScD (Chair)*
Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs;
Professor, Health Behavior

Dr. Jane Monaco

Dr. Jane Monaco

Jane Monaco, DrPH*
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Degree Programs and Associate Professor, Biostatistics

Brian Wells Pence

Dr. Brian Wells Pence

Brian Wells Pence, PhD*
Professor, Epidemiology

Dana Rice

Dr. Dana Rice

Dana Rice, DrPH*
Assistant Dean for Master’s Degree Programs, and Assistant Professor, Public Health Leadership Program

Tina Ruff, M.Div
Director Accreditation and Assessment

Dr. Meghan Shanahan

Dr. Meghan Shanahan

Meghan Shanahan, PhD*
Associate Professor, Maternal and Child Health

Dr. Lindsey Smith Taillie

Dr. Lindsey Smith Taillie

Lindsey Smith Taillie, PhD*
Associate Chair for Academics and Associate Professor, Nutrition

Dr. Elizabeth R. Tomlinson

Elizabeth R. Tomlinson, PhD*
Assistant Professor Health Policy Management

Curriculum Guidance, Forms and Resources

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October 15, 2022 =/<699  Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 course catalog
January 15, 2023 =/> 700  Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 course catalog


Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs: Laura Linnan, ScD
Assistant: Yasemin Garber | (919) 843-8099

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