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The Gillings School’s Department of Nutrition is a global leader in research, training and public policy. As the only academic nutrition program in the United States located in both a school of public health and a school of medicine, we are uniquely positioned to engage in innovative approaches to move quickly from discovery to delivery. Our faculty expertise spans from molecule to society and capitalizes on interdisciplinary approaches to identify and deliver optimal nourishment for the planet and train the leaders of tomorrow. Our students and faculty share and benefit from an unusual breadth of scientific, research and policy expertise as we work to improve and enhance the public’s health through better nutrition throughout North Carolina and around the world.

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Coronavirus Affects Everyone: The Department of Nutrition Responds

Kayla Ferro, an MPH student training to become a registered dietician, is co-founder and chief financial officer of the UNC chapter of Hearts for the Homeless International (H4H). She has played a significant role in establishing the first chapter of the nonprofit during her undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida, and when she came to North Carolina to pursue her master’s degree, she helped found a chapter at UNC that has quickly grown to become one of the largest in the organization.

She has been involved in creating partnerships with community organizations to offer health care services to people experiencing homelessness. Now, in this time of social distancing, she is also leading an effort to continue H4H’s mission by collecting sanitary supplies and materials to create homemade masks.

An illustration from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals the basic form of the virus blamed for the outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

Message from the Chair

To improve and protect the public’s health through teaching, research and practices that foster optimal nutrition.

To achieve optimal nutrition for all people around the globe.

Statement on Inclusive Excellence:
The students, faculty, and staff of the Department of Nutrition are committed to nurturing an environment of inclusion and equity. We actively value diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, support the success of all members of our community, and affirm that we are strongest when we celebrate diversity in all its forms. It is only through this commitment that we achieve our mission – to improve and protect the public’s health through teaching, research, and practices that foster optimal nutrition for all around the globe. 

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