About Our Research

The Gillings School is known for having one of the top-ranked nutrition programs in the United States and our faculty are engaged in research on myriad fronts. Our research spans from cell to society, moving from discovery to delivery.

Our primary research areas include Precision Nutrition, Diet, Health and Disease, Fundamentals of Nutrition and Metabolism and Understanding and Changing Diet Related Behavior.

Natalia Krupenko
Researchers at the Gillings School, including assistant professor Natalia Krupenko, PhD, have identified a molecule that activates and increases the function of the p53 tumor-suppressor protein, which could lead to more novel and targeted approaches to cancer treatment.

Click on one of the primary research areas below to learn more. Faculty members engaged in each research area are listed under the sub-topics. Those who are potentially seeking new doctoral students for fall 2023 are indicated by an (*). This list may change throughout the admissions cycle.

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Precision Nutrition

Studies that focus on heterogeneity in diet-related effects. Large clinical- and population-based studies are often used as they provide inter-individual variation in exposures and outcomes. Data that captures individual-level heterogeneity in processing of nutrients and their differential health effects as captured with genetic, microbial, and metabolome data.