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Welcome to the Gillings School of Global Public Health, THE top public school of public health in the U.S.

Our mission is to improve public health, promote individual well-being and eliminate health inequities in North Carolina and around the world. Our work is done in basic science laboratories; clinical and public health settings; communities, including worksites; and community-based and other non-governmental organizations. With our special focus on the science of implementation and delivery, our faculty, staff and students bridge the gap between academic research and practical, public health to make a world of difference — and a different, healthier world.

Michael Hooker Research Center
Hayley Welgus works with her Save the Children colleagues.

Impact and Initiatives

See how our students and faculty are improving public health across the globe and in our backyard.


The Gillings School is home to over 2,400 diverse, creative and dedicated students, practical idealists who want to change the world for the better. They work closely with faculty, peers and practitioners forming bonds that help them grow as students and future public health professionals. The School's curriculum balances classroom education with real-world experience, preparing students to tackle the toughest public health challenges facing North Carolina and the world.

Students pose together in the Atrium.
Will Vizuete, PhD, works with specialized equipment in his environmental sciences and engineering lab.


Our faculty members are some of the most talented teachers, researchers and scholars anywhere in the world, and they are leading the way in public health. They are accessible, committed to students and passionate about the work they do. They publish groundbreaking new research and advise governments, companies and NGOs around the world.

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Rosenau Hall was dedicated to UNC's public health school in 1963.