Gillings School faculty members are leaders in determining risk factors for cancer, using technology to reduce the health impacts of diabetes, creating policy changes to discourage young people from smoking, and designing better ways to reach millions with clean, safe water and sanitation. The lessons we learn globally often are used to save lives and transform public health in North Carolina, and research conducted here has impact and relevance around the world. Last year nearly half of our faculty members research grants and contracts had a global health focus.

Browse our 80+ global health faculty members by department, focus area/research interest, and country.

NameDepartmentFocus Areas/Research Interests
Countries (Current and Previous Research/Work)
Linda AdairNutritionEpidemiology: Maternal and Child Nutrition; Nutrition and HIV; Development Origins of Adult Disease; Cohort StudiesChina, Malawi, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa
Gustavo AngelesMaternal and Child HealthInternational health; Research Methods; Program Evaluation; Health EconomicsMexico
Janine Barden-O'FallonMaternal and Child HealthFamily Planning; Reproductive Health; Program Evaluation; Information SystemsMali, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Liberia, Guinea, Honduras, Bolivia, Uganda
Ralph BaricEpidemiologyInfectious DiseasesMultiple countries
Clare BarringtonHealth BehaviorGender; HIV/AIDS; Latino Health and Migration; Qualitative Methods; Sexuality; Social NetworksCuba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Malawi
Sylvia Becker-DrepsEpidemiologyChildhood gastroenteritis; Vaccine-preventable illnesses; Childhood pneumonia; Zika virus infectionsNicaragua
Jeannette BensenEpidemiologyProstate cancer; Molecular genetic epidemiology; Cancer survivorship/progression; Gene structure-function; BioinformaticsInternational collaboration
Margaret "Peggy" BentleyNutritionIntervention & Policy: Behavior Science; HIV and Nutrition; Infectious Disease; Nutrition Growth and Child Development; Pediatric Obesity; Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission; Reproductive, Child and Adolescent Health; Water and SanitationEcuador, Guatemala, India, Malawi, Peru
Richard BilsborrowBiostatisticsBehavior Science; Economic Development/Poverty; Demography; Population and Environment; Reproductive, Child and Adolescent Health; Survey DesignBolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey
Dorothy CilentiMaternal and Child HealthEvidence-based Public Health; Health Administratio; Health Care Delivery; Health Policy; Maternal Health; Mental Health; Public Health Leadership; Public Health Practice; Women's HealthTerritories: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
Myron CohenEpidemiologyTransmission of HIV; Prevention of transmission of HIV; Pharmacology of ART in the genital tract; Treatment to prevention of transmission of HIV; Sexually Transmitted DiseasesMultiple countries particularly: Malawi and China
Sian CurtisMaternal and Child HealthReproductive, Child and Adolescent Health; Injury, Violence and Safety; Health Services and Systems Strengthening; Implementation ScienceBangladesh, Ukraine, Zambia
Shufa DuNutritionNutrition; Hypertension; Obesity; Other non-communicable diseasesChina
Karine DubePublic Health Leadership ProgramInfectious diseases (HIV, Ebola, Zika); Clinical Research; Epidemiology; Capacity Building; Implementation Science; Global Health EthicsLiberia, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Switzerland
Andrew EdmondsEpidemiologyInfectious disease epidemiology (HIV); Women’s and children’s healthDemocratic Republic of Congo, Zambia
Jessie EdwardsEpidemiologyEpidemiologic methods; HIVUganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Dominican Republic
Larry EngelEpidemiologyEnvironmental, Occupational, Cancer; Disaster; Neurological; GeneticsChina, Norway
Stephanie EngelEpidemiologyRepro/Pediatric; Environmental; GeneticsNorway
Ed FisherHealth BehaviorCancer; Diabetes; Global Health; Health Behavior; Mental HealthChina
Michael FisherEnvironmental Sciences & EngineeringMonitoring and evaluation of water and sanitation processes, infrastructure, and service delivery; Improving water and wastewater treatment; Applications of implementation science and quality improvement methods to improving the performance of water and sanitation systemsBolivia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana,
India, Ireland, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Niger, Sierra Leone, Spain
Nora FranceschiniEpidemiologyCardiovascular disease; Kidney; Hypertension; Genetic epidemiology; Diverse ancestry populations (African & African Americans, American Indian, Hispanic/Latinos)England, Brazil. Collaborations in Europe, Australia, Africa in genetic studies
Bruce FriedHealth Policy & ManagementHealthy Systems Strengthening; Quality Improvement; Healthcare Workforce; Health System Financing; Mental Health/Substance AbuseFrance, Germany, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Bill GentryHealth Policy & ManagementHealth administration;
Health policy;
Public health leadership;
Public health preparedness / Disaster management
Moldova, Botswana, Ghana
Vivian GoHealth BehaviorGlobal Health; HIV/AIDS; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Substance Abuse; Implementation Science; Health BehaviorVietnam
Penny Gordon-LarsenNutritionEpidemiologyChina
Emily GowerEpidemiologyInfectious diseases (trachoma, lymphatic filariasis); Pharmacoepi; Ocular epidemiologyEthiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Burkina Faso
Annie Green HowardBiostatisticsCardiovascular disease; Obesity; Longitudinal and correlated data; Missing data; Latent variablesChina, Thailand
Carolyn HalpernMaternal and Child HealthAdolescent Health; Sexual Health; Health Equity; Mental Health and Neurological Disorders; Reproductive and Child Health; Alcohol and Drug Use; Behavior Science;Kenya
Dean M. HarrisHealth Policy & ManagementEthics, Global Health; Public Policy/Legal Analysis; Health Equity; Teaching and Learning Methods; Health Services and Systems Strengthening; Public Health LawChina, Taiwan, Japan, European Union
Noah KittnerEnvironmental Sciences and EngineeringEnergy systems analysis; Environmental impacts of energy; Low-carbon energy innovation; Deployment; Energy policy; Life-cycle assessment; Energy storage; Electricity system planning, sustainability and development; Air pollution and health effectsThailand, Kosovo, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Uganda, Switzerland
Sheila LeathermanHealth Policy & ManagementGlobal Health; Quality, Quality Improvement, and Performance MeasuresMultiple countries
Alexandra LightfootHealth BehaviorYouth development; HIV prevention; Adolescent health and education; Health EquitySouth Africa, Niger, Kenya
Suzanne MamanHealth BehaviorGlobal Health; Health Behavior; HIV/AIDS; Infectious Diseases; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Violence Prevention; Women's HealthTanzania, South Africa
Steve MarshallEpidemiologyGlobal mental health; Social epidemiology; Maternal depression and child developmentSri Lanka, India, Pakistan
Stephanie L. MartinNutritionMaternal and Child Nutrition; Infant Feeding; HIV Prevention; Implementation Science; Behavioral InterventionsEthiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Joanna "Asia" MaselkoEpidemiologyInfectious Diseases; PharmacoepiCambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Thailand
Philip MayNutritionEpidemiologyItaly, South Africa
Elizabeth Mayer-DavisNutritionEpidemiology: Diabetes; Health Equity; Nutrition and Physical Activity; ObesityChina
H. Luz McNaughton ReyesHealth BehaviorDating and intimate partner violence; Adolescent health risk behaviorsNicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, South Africa, Tanzania
Benjamin MeierPublic PolicyHuman Rights in Health Policy; the Right to Health, and Global Health GovernanceInternational Institutions
Steve MeshnickEpidemiologyMalaria; Tropical infectious diseases; Tick-borne diseasesDemocratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Thailand, Finland, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil
Beth MoraccoHealth BehaviorEthics; Global Health; Health Behavior; Health Policy; Injury Prevention; Reproductive Health; Substance Abuse; Violence Prevention; Women's HealthDemocratic Republic of Congo
Kate MuessigHealth BehaviorHealth Disparities; Key Populations (MSM and Commercial Sex Workers); eHealth/mHealth; HIV/AIDS; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Qualitative Methods; StigmaChina
Shu Wen NgNutritionHealth Economics; Epidemiology: Health Equity; Obesity; Public Health Ethics and Law; Cancer; Exposure Science; Reproductive, Child and Adolescent Health; Nutrition and Physical Activity; Behavior Science; Public Health Studies (Design, Conduct and Analysis)Chile, China, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, United States
Kari NorthEpidemiologyHIV treatmentCameroon, Malawi
Aunchalee PalmquistMaternal and Child HealthBreastfeeding/Human Lactation; Medical Anthropology; Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (ICYF-E); Humanitarian Maternal-Child Health; Health Disparities/Health EquityIraq, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands, Greece, Oceania/Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau, Hawaii), Thailand
Angela ParcesepeMaternal and Child HealthHIV/AIDS; Mental health; Substance use disorders; Gender; Violence; Epidemiology; Mixed methods; Implementation scienceCameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mongolia
Brian PenceEpidemiologyHIV/AIDS; Infectious Diseases; Social; Reproductive, Child and Adolescent Health; Implementation ScienceSouth Africa
Herbert PetersonMaternal and Child HealthReproductive Health; Implementation ScienceMultiple countries
Audrey PettiforEpidemiologyHIV transmission dynamics; HIV care engagement; HIV transmission prevention; Acute HIV infection; Mathematical modelingMalawi, Zambia
Barry PopkinNutritionDesign and evaluation of large-scale regulatory/tax measure to improve food systems and diets; Epidemiology: Health Equity; Nutrition and Physical Activity; Obesity; Public Health Studies (Design, Conduct and Analysis); DiabetesBrazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, India, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Kimberly PowersEpidemiologyOccupational and environmental epidemiologyFrance, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan
Rohit RamaswamyPublic Health Leadership ProgramImplementation Science; Quality Improvement; Mental Health; Evaluation; Improving Maternal and Neonatal OutcomesGhana, Kenya, Zambia
David RichardsonEpidemiologyCancer; Infectious Diseases; Womens HealthKenya
Nora RosenbergHealth BehaviorHIV testing, prevention, care and treatment; Family planning; Intimate partner violence; Implementation Science; Behavioral Science; Social protection; EpidemiologyMalawi, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Nicaragua
Kavita Singh OngechiMaternal and Child HealthEvaluation of Maternal and Child Health Interventions; Studying the Influence of Social Factors (Poverty, Education and Gender Equality) on Maternal and Child Health; Water and Sanitation; Infectious Disease; Health Equity; Reproductive Health; Behavior Science; Public Health Studies (Design, Conduct and Analysis); Health Services and Systems Strengthening; Implementation ScienceEthiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Jason SmithHealth BehaviorData Demand and Use; Knowledge Management; Capacity Building and Training; Structural, Behavioral and Communications Aspects of Research UtilizationBangladesh, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam
Jennifer SmithEpidemiologyAging; Cardiovascular Disease; Global Health; Reproductive Health; Formal demographyBangladesh, India, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine
Lindsey Smith TaillieNutritionNutrition epidemiology; Food policy; Obesity prevention; Cardio-metabolic diseaseChina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil
Ilene SpeizerMaternal and Child HealthEvaluation of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programs; Study of Unintended Pregnancy Risk; Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs; Health Equity; Gender Based and Intimate Partner Violence; Behavior Science; Public Health Studies (Design, Conduct and Analysis); Implementation ScienceGhana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Togo
June StevensNutritionEpidemiology: Obesity; Nutrition; Physical Activity; Heart Disease; CancerChina, United Kingdom
Jill StewartEnvironmental Sciences & EngineeringGlobal Environmental Health; Contaminant Sources, Fate and Transport: Human Exposure and Health Effects, Sustainable Water Resources; Exposure Science; Water and Sanitation; Infectious DiseaseEcuador, India, Mozambique
Mirek StybloNutritionBiochemistry and Toxicology: Disease associated with environmental exposures (Cancer; Metabolic disease, Diabetes); Public Health Studies (Design, Conduct and Analysis)Czech Republic, Mexico
Sean Y. SylviaHealth Policy & ManagementHealth Economics; Behavioral Economics; Impact Evaluation; Performance-based Contracts; Quality of Care; Early Childhood DevelopmentChina
James "Jim" ThomasEpidemiologyHealthcare associated infections; New and emerging infectious diseases; Vaccines;
TB disinfection and sterilization; Hepatitis A and B; Biothreats
Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, England, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, multiple locations in Africa
Amanda ThompsonNutritionInfant and young child feeding; Social and environmental predictors of health; Growth and development; MicrobiomeEcuador, China
Christine TuckerMaternal and Child HealthLatino Health; Migrant Farmworker Health; Women's Reproductive Health; Postpartum Mood and Anxiety DisordersGuatemala, Mexico
Kat TumlinsonMaternal and Child HealthInternational family planning; Quality of family planning service delivery; Contraceptive use dynamics; Global reproductive, maternal, and child health; Provider motivation; Health systems strengthening; Implementation scienceKenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Peru, Portugal
Karl UmbleHealth Policy &ManagementProgram evaluation; Continuing Professional Training and Development; Leadership and management developmentVietnam, Philippines
Tran Viet HaHealth BehaviorHealth behavior, HIV/AIDS preventionVietnam
William VizueteEnvironmental Sciences & EngineeringAir quality; Atmospheric processes; Policy, decision-making and risk assessmentUnited Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand, Ecuador
Heather WasserNutritionDeterminants of adherence to optimal feeding recommendations for children birth to two years; Behavioral interventions to promote optimal growth and development of infants and toddlersUnited States, Senegal, Indonesia, Honduras
David Jay WeberEpidemiologyHIV; Women’s reproductive health; Infectious diseases (Ebola, Zika, HCV);
Epidemiologic methods for implementation science
Malawi, Nicaragua, South Africa, United States
Jason WestEnvironmental Sciences & EngineeringGlobal Environmental Health: Air Quality & Atmospheric Processes; Impacts and Mitigation of Climate Change: Air Quality & Atmospherics Processes, Human Exposure & Health Effects; Policy, Decision-Making and Risk Assessment: Air Quality & Atmospheric ProcessesMexico, United Arab Emirates
Daniel WestreichEpidemiologyHIV/AIDS; Women's reproductive health; Infectious diseases (Ebola, Zika, HCV); Epidemiologic methods for implementation scienceMalawi, Nicaragua, South Africa
Dale WhittingtonEnvironmental Sciences & EngineeringWater supply and sanitation in developing countries; Vaccine policy and economics; Management of international rivers; Benefit-cost analysis; Nonmarket valuationEgypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Korea, Bangladesh, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria, Ukraine
Courtney WoodsEnvironmental Sciences & EngineeringIndustrial Hazards; Exposure and Risk Assessment; Environmental JusticeBrazil
Steven ZeiselNutritionCholine and brain development; Choline and cancer; Dietary requirements for choline; Choline and fetal alcohol spectrum disordersSouth Africa, The Gambia
Donglin ZengBiostatisticsCharacterizing environmental impacts on public healthUnited Arab Emirates

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