Global is local. Local is global.

At the Gillings School, we work in all 100 North Carolina counties and in 45+ countries. Local and global health content infuses our courses and degrees. Through partnerships at home and abroad, our students and faculty transform health around the world and in our backyard.

Our Research, Innovation and Global Solutions office promotes and advances the School's global health activities in research, service, practice and teaching through partnerships, internships, outreach and communications.

Message from the Associate Dean for Global Health

The Intersection of Global Health and Inclusive Excellence Seminar Series

Join us for our next talk in our seminar series featuring Dr. Anu Kumar, President & CEO of Ipas. Dr. Kumar, a Gillings School alum, will reflect on what global health organizations can and should do to decolonize global health and how we need to rethink the ways we are training global health practitioners in the U.S. to work locally and globally in public health.

Dr. Palmquist receives Gillings Faculty Award for Excellence in Health Equity Research

Aunchalee Palmquist, PhD, MA, IBCLC, assistant professor of maternal and child health, fully embodies the intent of the award through her work to address the intersectionality of perinatal maternal, newborn and young child health disparities globally and in the United States, with an emphasis on breastfeeding.

Dr. Palmquist sitting with a breastfeeding parent and small child on the floor of a white tent.
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Interactive Gillings Global Practicum Map

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