Our Centrally-Managed Classrooms

The following classroom spaces — located in the Michael Hooker Research Center, Rosenau Hall and McGavran-Greenberg Hall — are managed centrally through a collaboration of the following Gillings support staff:

Large Auditoriums

Joan Heckler Gillings Auditorium (133 Rosenau Hall)
Occupancy: 146

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation Auditorium (0001 Michael Hooker Research Center)
Occupancy: 104

Michel A. Ibrahim Seminar Room (1301 McGavran-Greenberg Hall)
Occupancy: 100

Medium Rooms

228 Rosenau Hall
Occupancy: 55

235 Rosenau Hall
Occupancy: 55

1304 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 45

2306 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 60

2308 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 50

230 Rosenau Hall (The Fred Mayes Center)
Occupancy: 28

0003/0004 Michael Hooker Research Center
Occupancy: 41

2301 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 60

1305 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 36

Small Rooms

2305 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 22

2302 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 15

2303 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 20

1303 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 22

2304 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 25

1302 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Occupancy: 18

Classroom Technology Orientation

The following is a recording of the hybrid Classroom Technology Orientation presentation provided by the Gillings Instructional Media Services (IMS) team.

Technology in Centrally-Managed Classroom Spaces

The following is a list of basic classroom equipment items included in ALL classrooms managed by Gillings Instructional Media Services. For a listing of remote conferencing technology available in the classrooms, please visit our Remote Conferencing Technology page.

  • Control Panel (touch screen or wall mounted)
  • Ceiling-mounted LCD Projector(s)
  • Projection Screen(s) or Wall Monitors
  • Desktop Computer with the Following Programs or Applications: Windows 10; Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe Acrobat Reader DC; Adobe Air; Adobe Flash Player (Firefox) ; Alertus Desktop Client (Alert Carolina); ArcGIS; Citrix (for UNC VL); Epi Info 7; Google Chrome; iTunes; Java; Lenovo System Update; Mozilla Firefox; Office Pro 2016; Poll Everywhere add-in (PowerPoint); R Software; SAS; Skype; VLC Player; Zoom
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Cable Connections (HDMI, USB-C adapter) to display laptop computer devices
  • Blu-Ray/DVD Player
  • Cameras for Remote Conferencing (webcam or ceiling mounted)
  • Microphone(s) for remote conference/room amplification (ceiling mounted, podium, or clip-on)
  • Room Audio Speakers
  • PowerPoint Remote

Additional equipment can be reserved through Gillings Instructional Media Services by completing the AV Reservation Form. Contact Instructional Media Services at (919) 966-6536 or sph_av@unc.edu for any additional questions.


Facilities services

For requests or inquiries about the physical classroom elements (i.e., chalkboard, chairs, window blinds, etc.), please contact Brent Wishart at brent_wishart@unc.edu or (919) 843-8101.

If you plan to serve food or refreshments, you will be responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the space. If the room is rearranged for your event, please restore it to its original condition before leaving.

Gillings Admissions: 233 Rosenau Hall, (919) 445-1170
Student Affairs: 263 Rosenau Hall, (919) 966-2499
Dean's Office: 170 Rosenau Hall, (919) 966-3215
Business and Administration: 170 Rosenau Hall, (919) 966-3215
Academic Affairs: 307 Rosenau Hall, (919) 843-8044
Inclusive Excellence: 207B Rosenau Hall, (919) 966-7430
Room Reservations

135 Dauer Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7400