Room Reservations

Notes on Room Reservations

  • Room reservation requests are only available for Gillings School students, faculty and staff at this time.
  • Room reservation requests can take up to 48 hours to approve. Please submit your request in advance as far as possible. In most cases, same-day requests may not be accepted.
  • Room reservation requests are not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation.
  • Spring 2023 reservation requests will be reviewed and scheduled beginning December 1, 2022.
  • Requests for meetings, events, or programs will not be confirmed until classes have been scheduled for that semester (June 15 for fall semester reservations and November 15 for spring semester reservations).
  • Department conference rooms must be confirmed via the appropriate department.
  • Reservation requests are not processed during the winter break.
  • Gillings Guidelines for Gatherings through Spring 2023 (PDF)
  • Review the Gillings School Guidelines (PDF) for reserving rooms and utilizing event spaces in the school.

How to Reserve Spaces at the Gillings School

Reservations are made through your Outlook Calendar. Gillings students, staff and faculty: if you are new to scheduling in Outlook or a Mac user, please review how to use the Scheduling Assistant and Room Finder.

To find a list of available rooms at Gillings for your preferred meeting day/time, open Outlook and follow the instructions below:

1. Select “New Meeting
New meeting selection in Outlook

2. Select “Room Finder
room finder selection in Outlook

3. Type “SPH” into the “Building” field to display a category list of centrally managed Gillings rooms and spaces (SPH_Classrooms, SPH_Conference Rooms, SPH_Event Spaces, SPH_Hoteling Spaces, SPH_Remote Conferencing Spaces). Choose the desired category to view a list of available locations. If none are listed, there are no rooms/spaces available at that requested time. Please select a different day/time or a different room/space.

building selection in Outlook

4. Finish entering Meeting details and click “Send
After Step 4, you should receive an email stating that your room reservation is now tentative. A follow-up email will confirm if your room request was Accepted or Denied.

send selection in Outlook

Our Centrally-Managed Classrooms

Each classroom provides several technology options.

Our Classrooms

These spaces are designed for classroom instruction and feature permanently installed AV technology.

Our Conference Spaces

Conference spaces are designed with seating around a central table. They are available in several sizes, with and without technology.

Some meeting rooms overlook the atrium.

Our Support Staff

The following classroom spaces — located in the Michael Hooker Research Center, Rosenau Hall and McGavran-Greenberg Hall — are managed centrally through a collaboration of the following Gillings support staff:

Course Scheduling Requests

Course Change Request Form
The Office of Student Affairs will use a Course Scheduling process to strategically assign classrooms each semester, you may review the Course Scheduling Timeline if needed. Instructors may request a classroom change if the room assigned for their course does not accommodate their class size or technology needs. The Office of Student Affairs cannot guarantee the request can be processed, as this depends on room availability. Change requests submitted after semester deadlines may not be processed due to the lack of room availability and will only be considered for students with ARS challenges.

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs if you have any additional questions at (919) 966-2499.