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Founded by UNC Nutrition faculty member Alice Ammerman, Equiti Foods is seeking applicants for two open positions:

Equiti Foods is a mission-driven company working to make good, healthy, local food accessible for all. Equiti Foods founder, Dr. Alice Ammerman is a nutrition professor and Director of the Center of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They make Good Bowls – healthy, frozen meals sourced and produced in North Carolina. They also distribute Good Bowls through retail channels, worksite wellness programs, and NC Medicaid’s Healthy Opportunities Pilot.

Read more about each position:

Operations Manager: The Operations Manager plays a critical role in the coordination and execution of the daily activities of Equiti Foods. This person organizes the activities of the team members to ensure that projects are executed on time and on budget. The Operations Manager serves as the key point of contact with manufacturing, storage, and delivery partners.

  • Work Hours: This is a full-time position with an annual salary of $52,000. The work hours can be flexible, but there are mandatory weekly team meetings. The position is home-based, and your daily activities will be centered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There will be some travel throughout the Research Triangle area.
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate team activities via email, project management tools, and weekly meetings. 
    • Manage Good Bowls production with co-packing partner(s). 
    • Lead Good Bowls sales by communicating with new and existing customers, documenting sales, sending invoices, and managing inventory. 
    • Oversee Good Bowls storage, transportation, and delivery. 
    • Work with Equiti Foods finance team to create, update, and track Equiti Foods budget. 
    • Create and maintain clear data management systems on Google Workspace. 
    • Collaborate with the Equiti Foods management team to build and inform key business strategies and goals. 
    • Attend to administrative business needs including insurance, bills, registration with the state, etc. 
    • Manage and approve team timesheets and payroll documents. 
  • Qualifications, Experience & Skills:
    • Passion for equitable, local food systems. 
    • Experience coordinating and leading a small team. 
    • Proficiency with various software (project management, financial, data management, Google Drive, Xero or QuickBooks). 

Part time Grants Manager: Equiti Foods won an NIH STTR Phase II award which will run through May, 2024. Equiti Foods also won a USDA LFPP award which will run through 2024. The grants manager will work with the CEO, operations manager, and financial team to manage these awards and seek new grant opportunities.

  • Reports To: CEO.
  • Work Hours: This is a part-time position with an hourly salary of $20-25/hour depending on experience. It is expected that the individual will work 3-8 hours per week on average, varying with grant cycles. Hours per week will vary. The position is remote.
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Maintain relationships with NIMHD (National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities), USDA, and other grant funders. 
    • Manage grant portals and contact information. 
    • Support finance team to ensure proper allocation of budgets and expenses. 
    • Develop and oversee a tracking system for grant reporting deadlines and expectations.
    • Collaborate with larger Equiti Foods team to complete grant reports. 
    • Manage conflict of interest and IRB requirements and communications.
    • Continuously update internal grant documents to support future grant applications. 
    • Investigate new grant opportunities. 
    • Work with our grant support company to coordinate grant submission including interaction with UNC grants management office.
  • Qualifications, Experience & Skills:
    • Passion for equitable, local food systems. 
    • Experience managing grants, preferably for the NIH and/or USDA. 
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
    • Organized and detail oriented. 
    • Able to work evenings and weekends if needed to meet a grant deadline. 
    • Experience with data management.

Apply: We are looking for someone with a passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others. If you are interested, we would like to speak with you. Interested candidates may email a cover letter and a copy of their resume to jobs@equitifoods.com.


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Student Experiences.

Interviews with students who completed a 2021 innovation-focused practicum.

Sarah Muskin, Seal the Seasons

Tell us about your practicum placement and experience at a public health-focused startup?  

My academic interests broadly deal with environmental justice and exposure mapping. For my summer practicum, I worked with Seal the Seasons (StS), a company dedicated to “making local frozen produce available year-round, while also helping provide small family farms with a reliable income stream year after year.”

The purpose of my practicum project was to recommend anti-racist interventions to StS to diversify and support socially disadvantaged farm partners. My experience working with StS included conducting a literature review on systemic racism in agriculture, and then outreaching to potential partners to discuss how StS could help direct or redirect sourcing and purchasing, and thus capital to socially disadvantaged farmers either in the long or short term. Finally, I compiled a recommendations report in which I included suggestions for company innovation to better direct sourcing and purchasing to socially disadvantaged farmers while meeting diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Working in a creative and problem-solving work environment was exciting and fun.

What knowledge gained, results produced, or enriching experience are you most proud of?

Given that my project was research-focused, I am most proud of how I was able to weave together the themes that arose throughout my literature review search. I was then able to utilize these themes to help build my recommendations report for planning StS policies. I hope that my products are able to be used and/or implemented through the resources I provided in my recommendations report.

What was most fun or surprising about this experience? 

The most fun part of my experience was getting to attend farm visits with the StS procurement specialist. Meeting farmers in different areas of NC was so enjoyable, and in the case of visiting larger farms- informative, as I only had experience working with and on small-scale family farms. Also on the farm tours, learning the supply chain system that StS is creating was thought-provoking and fascinating.

Zhitong Yu, OPT Industries

Tell us about your practicum placement and experience at a public health-focused startup?

I worked in the intersection of technology, healthcare, and business at OPT Industries, an advanced digital manufacturing suite, specializing in designing and mass-producing products such as nasal swabs and medical devices.

Why did you want to do your practicum at a startup?

I spoke with this company beforehand and found their projects are very interesting. The scope of the practicum work was a great fit for my interests. Additionally, it was a great opportunity to work independently in a small team, and collaborate with people from different backgrounds. The tasks assigned to me were unique and there wasn’t a pre-specified way to do these tasks. I had the flexibility to figure things out and think innovatively about how to get tasks done most effectively and find out the ways that worked best for me. Lastly, there were multiple projects going on, and I had the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities going on in the company in some way.

What knowledge gained, results produced, or enriching experience are you most proud of?

I am most proud of being able to apply what I learned in my education to the practicum and create positive impacts. In terms of knowledge gained, this experience enhanced my understanding of how my data science skills and public health experience can help with social innovation.

What are the key lessons that you will take away from this experience?

It is important to maintain effective communication with preceptors/co-workers. For example, it is very helpful to ask people what their preferred working styles are. As for my preceptors, they are usually occupied with various tasks, they preferred for me to let them know or send reminders to make sure they reviewed my work and provided me with feedback or instructions on time. Knowing this and incorporating it into the way I worked with them definitely made our collaboration more effective. Different people have different working styles, and they may not always tell you beforehand. It would be good to take the initiative, proactively communicate with others, and make adjustments when needed.

What was the most fun or surprising part about this experience?

This experience challenged me to think deeper and more innovatively and allowed me to think out of the box and reflect on the ways that I have been working in a team setting as well as independently.

What are your plans post-graduation (it’s ok if you don’t know!) and has this experience influenced you to pursue your own social innovation or entrepreneurial endeavors? If so, tell us what you are passionate about innovating? 

Though I am still figuring out my post-graduation plans, I am still very passionate about bringing innovation to public health and data science in the future.