Devising new solutions to minimize risks

The UNC-Superfund Research Program (SRP) seeks to develop new solutions for reducing exposure to inorganic arsenic and prevent arsenic-induced diabetes through mechanistic and translational research.

Message from the Director

Our research interests include:

  • Understanding the molecular mechanisms driving arsenic-induced diabetes and identifying potential targets for therapeutic strategies;
  • Understanding the interaction between inorganic arsenic exposure and obesity as risk factors for diabetes, and how individuals differ in their susceptibility and risk based on their genes and sex;
  • Understanding the role of the gut microbiome in arsenic-induced diabetes to identify potential targets for disease prevention;
  • Developing new methods to predict and model contamination of soil and water by toxic metals such as arsenic, vanadium and chromium to better inform well placement and monitoring efforts; and
  • Developing new membrane technologies to effectively remove inorganic arsenic and other contaminants from groundwater.