UNC Superfund Research Program News

UNC students and staff gather for the opportunity to work with real-world data

Over fall break, 20 UNC graduate students, postdocs, and staff members from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, the Curriculum in Toxicology, and Environmental Medicine gathered on campus for two days of hands-on training with a real-word dataset. The PRogramming for Environmental HEalth And Toxicology (PREHEAT) Retreat was the result of a collaboration between... Read more »

UNC SRP researchers create blueprint for using genomics technologies to understand mechanisms behind environmental exposure and disease outcomes

A new study from Project 1 resulted in a recent publication exploring the mechanisms connecting inorganic arsenic (iAs) and diabetes. UNC SRP trainee and lead author Jenna Todero’s research is at the interface of environmental exposures, diabetes, and genomics, studying the relationship between chronic exposure to iAs, an environmental toxin recognized as a top priority... Read more »

New database shines light on environmental justice

To better understand this vulnerability, collaborative efforts within the UNC Superfund Research Program by Lauren Eaves, PhD, UNC SRP trainee, Julia Rager, PhD, Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC) co-leader, Andrew George, PhD, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Rebecca Fry, PhD, UNC SRP Director, resulted in a recent publication and creation of the new publicly available... Read more »

The Accidental Geochemist

Growing up in a picturesque environment dotted with some of the oldest rocks in Nigeria was inspiring for me as a young boy and motivated my later professional decisions. During my senior year in college, I was introduced to the field of applied geochemistry by my professor when he suggested the prevalence of cancer in... Read more »

UNC SRP researchers highlighted by NIH

Fernando Pardo Manuel de Villena, PhD, UNC SRP Project 2 leader, and trainees were highlighted in a Recent Highlights article published by the National Institute of Health Office of Research Infrastructure Programs. Dr. Pardo Manuel de Villena speaks to the importance of reproducibility in research and reflects on rodent models as critical genetic tools in... Read more »

Assessing environmental health literacy through a well water lens

A recent study by Kathleen Gray, PhD, leader of the UNC SRP’s Community Engagement Core (CEC), and researchers from the University of Arizona Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center and the University of Kentucky Department of Preventative Medicine and Environmental Health, used toxic metals contamination of well water as the basis for exploring factors that influence... Read more »