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Course Planning Worksheets

Students should use Tar Heel Tracker for their course planning needs for both the BSPH in Environmental Health Sciences and the undergraduate minor. Tar Heel Tracker can be accessed in ConnectCarolina (under “Academics,” from the drop-down menu select Tar Heel Tracker).



ENVR Courses

Time to start planning next semester classes? Wondering what the ESE department typically offers each semester. Trying to track down more information about a class? You’re in the right place! Below you’ll find our Semester Schedules, information about ENVR 400, and more. Have a question about course offerings or descriptions? Contact ESE Academic Coordinator, Jennifer Joyce Moore, at

Official ENVR course descriptions can be found in the UNC Course Catalog. Note: Additional courses may be added on a semester basis at the discretion of the department. See the UNC Registrar’s Directory of Classes page for more information.

ESE Semester Schedules 

The following show what classes are typically offered Fall and Spring semester in two formats.

  • Visual Schedule – This weekly view currently shows Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 classes. 
  • Spreadsheet View – Includes course titles and instructor names
    • Fall 2024Canceled: ENVR 730
    • Spring 2024Canceled Classes: ENVR 452
    • Fall 2023 – please note only one section of ENVR 89 and one section of ENVR 335 will be offered Fall 2023. Canceled Classes: ENVR 417, ENVR 640. NOTE: ENVR 500 will be offered Spring 2024
    • Spring 2023 – Only one section of ENVR 135 and one section of ENVR 335 will be offered Spring 2023. Canceled classes: ENVR 600, ENVR 756, ENVR 770
    • Fall 2022 – Canceled: ENVR 411, ENVR 640, ENVR 675, ENVR 797

Need help registering for courses? The UNC Registrar’s Office created a one-stop-shop for all registration questions and resources. Remember, you will locate your enrollment appointment in ConnectCarolina. Need additional help with registration? Check out these resources.

Want to make sure the courses being offered will help you satisfy your degree requirements? Refer to our  Course Planning Worksheets for all our degrees at the top of this page.

Additional Course Resources 

  • ESE Course Competencies: Mapped to ESE Degrees
  • ENVR 400: For information about this in-house Seminar Series, visit the course Canvas site.
  • MSEE Electives *coming soon*

Student Handbooks


Submitting Your Final Work – Graduate Students

All graduate programs offered by the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering require the completion of a project. Doctoral students write a dissertation, MS students a master’s thesis, and MSPH, MPH and MSEE students complete a technical report. Submission guidelines as follows.

Thesis (MS) and Dissertation (PhD)

Please refer to the graduate school’s submission instructions. After the thesis or dissertation is revised to the faculty advisor’s satisfaction, the student will upload it to the ProQuest Theses and Dissertations database (note that there is a fee). The Graduate School will review it before it is published and may require some revisions (usually formatting) from the student.

The ESE Student Services needs the confirmation email from the submission system, and notification from the advisor that it was ready to submit before any paperwork is processed. Submit both here.

Technical Report (MSPH, MPH, MSEE)

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering requires that the student submit:

  • A digital (PDF) copy uploaded to the Carolina Digital Repository (CDR) using this form. These will be checked by the student services office before being published on the CDR site. Embargoed reports will become “active” in the system after the embargo ends. The student should check with their advisor to see whether they want a paper copy.


ESE General Course Exemption Form

Students should complete this Exemption Form when they need an exception to a ENVR course. Students should take the lead in completing the top portion of the form and obtaining the instructor’s signature. Students can find a list of ESE course competencies here. Students should submit this form to Academic Coordinator, Jennifer Joyce Moore, to obtain the additional required signatures. If you have any questions about this process, please contact

ESE Grade Appeals Process

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering follows the University’s policy on grade appeals as outlined in the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Handbooks. Please take the time to read the Student Handbook that applies to you. Appeals Process from the Graduate School Handbook.

Daniel A. Okun Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Student Travel Award

The Daniel A. Okun Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Student Travel Award assists Environmental Sciences and Engineering (ESE) students with travel support to countries and communities around the world, rendering assistance to the community in engineering aspects of water, sanitation and hygiene while enhancing their educational experience. Support is open to all degree seeking students while preference will be given to Bachelor of Science in Public Health students or Environmental Engineering students when possible. One or more awards are granted annually totaling a maximum of US$2,000. More information.

Addressing Students Concerns

Your well-being and positive student experience are important to us. Please visit and bookmark this page for reference. We are committed to addressing issues in a fair, timely and professional manner. We know it will not be possible in some cases, but to help us achieve the best outcome, we ask students to follow the 5 steps below whenever possible:

  • Step 1: Contact your instructor, the individual with whom you have a concern, or your faculty mentor as appropriate. Most concerns can be resolved through discussion between the person(s) involved. If you are uncomfortable interacting directly with the person(s), or if the concern is not resolved satisfactorily, proceed to step 2.
  • Step 2: Discuss the matter with your department’s Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) or the ESE Academic Coordinator. If you have consulted with the DGS, or designee, and still believe the matter has not been dealt with satisfactorily or equitably, proceed to step 3.
  • Step 3: Discuss the matter with your department chair. If you believe the matter has not been dealt with satisfactorily or equitably, you can proceed to step 4.
  • Step 4: Schedule a meeting with Charletta Sims Evans, the SPH Associate Dean for Student Affairs (, if you need further consultation.
  • Step 5: If the issue is still not resolved and you are a graduate student: schedule a meeting with Kate McAnulty, the associate dean for student affairs in The Graduate School ( Undergraduate students, contact the Office of Dean of Students.

If you have any questions, please contact ESE Student Services

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