The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering offers several scholarships and awards for students.

The Callis H. Atkins Endowed Scholarship
Established by Mrs. Josephine Atkins with assistance from Dr. and Mrs. Carl Ayers to honor the late Callis H. Atkins, a 1932 graduate of UNC-CH’s Civil Engineering program, this scholarship is awarded to masters or doctoral students interested in environmental sciences

Herman G. Baity Bicentennial Fellowship
Established in honor of Herman G. Baity, a founding father of the Department of Sanitary Engineering, this fund is sponsored by UNC-CH engineering graduates (through class of ’38) in support of the continued presence and excellence of engineering on the UNC campus through a Baity Fellows program.

Emil T. Chanlett Fund
Established by Eliska Chanlett to honor her husband, Professor Emil T. Chanlett, who served ESE from 1946 until 1981. Professor Chanlett had the unique reputation of having taught every course offered by the Department at least once, and authored the seminal textbook, Environmental Protection. Two scholarships are given to students during each five-year period.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering Endowed Fellowship Fund
Established as part of the Bicentennial Campaign for Carolina in 1993. This fund is used to provide student fellowships in any areas of the department.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering General Fund
General funds used to support all types of ESE and department-related activities.

David A. Fraser Scholarship
Established by faculty and alumni as a memorial to Professor Fraser, who served ESE from 1961 until his death in 1989, and who received the Cummings Award in 1984, the highest professional honor given to an American industrial hygienist. The award is restricted to students with an interest in industrial hygiene and is based on ability, as indicated by a sound undergraduate record, potential for graduate work, and financial need.

Richard Hazen Fellowship
Established by the consulting engineering firm, Hazen and Sawyer, in honor of the co-founder of that firm, Richard Hazen (1911-1990). The fund supports graduate students enrolled in the Environmental Engineering (EE) program.

Edward Kuenzler Endowed Scholarship in Field Ecology
Established by the family, friends, and colleagues of Dr. Kuenzler in memory of his extraordinary service and commitment to the environment and to the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, the Scholarship is to attract, recruit, and support the best and brightest students in the field.

Daniel A Okun Distinguished Professorship in Environmental Engineering
Established by family, friends and colleagues as a permanent tribute to Professor Okun’s legacy to the field of Environmental Engineering.

Daniel A. Okun Fellowship
This fellowship was established by a gift from Professor Daniel A. Okun for support of a student pursuing the Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.

B. B. Parker Fellowship
This fellowship was established by the Duke Power Company in honor of B. B. Parker (1914-2010), who received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering in 1936 from the UNC School of Engineering. Parker served as President of Duke Power Company. The fund supports outstanding first-year students pursuing graduate study in environmental sciences and engineering through a Parker Fellows program.

Alan and Linda Rimer Endowed Scholarship in Environmental Science
Established to provide a scholarship to a worthy masters student or students in the Department.

Arthur C. Stern Scholarship
Established as a memorial to Professor Stern (1909-1992) who served on the ESE faculty from 1968-1978 and built one of the largest and most prestigious air pollution and industrial hygiene programs in the nation.

Alvis G. Turner, Jr. Fellowship
Established in honor of Alvis G. Turner, faculty member in ESE until his retirement in 1996. The fund supports outstanding graduate students in Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

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