ESE celebrates the annual ice cream social over Zoom.

ESE celebrates the annual ice cream social and awards ceremony over Zoom.

L.M. Ball Professor and Co-director of Undergraduate Studies
John Bane Joint Professor
Jamie Bartram Professor (retired, part-time)
Karsten Baumann Assistant Professor
Wanda M Bodnar Assistant Professor
Gregory Characklis W. R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor
Orlando Coronell Associate Professor
Radhika Dhingra Assistant Professor
Michael Fisher Assistant Professor
Michael Flynn Professor (retired, part-time)
Rebecca Fry Associate Chair for Strategic Initiatives; Angle Distinguished Professor
Avram Gold Associate Chair for Academics; Professor
William Gray Professor (retired, part-time)
Ilona Jaspers Joint Professor
Richard Kamens Professor (Retired)
Noah Kittner Assistant Professor
Kun Lu Associate Professor
Rick Luettich Joint Professor;
Chris Martens Joint Professor; Aycock Distinguished Professor of Marine Sciences
Cass T Miller Okun Distinguished Professor
Glenn Morrison Professor
Rachel Noble Joint Professor; Hill, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Marine Sciences
Amanda Northcross Associate Professor
Leena Nylander-French Professor
Hans W. Paerl Joint Professor; Kenan Distinguished Professor of Marine Sciences
Michael Piehler Joint Professor
Julia Rager Assistant Professor
Aaron Salzberg Holzworth Distinguished Professor
Marc Serre Associate Professor
Mark D. Sobsey Professor (retired, part-time)
Jill Stewart Professor
Jason Surratt Professor and Co-director of Undergraduate Studies
Barbara Turpin Professor and Chair
William Vizuete Associate Professor
Paul Watkins Joint Professor; Howard Q. Ferguson Distinguished Professor (Pharmacy)
Howard Weinberg Professor
Jason West Professor
Dale Whittington Professor
Courtney G Woods Assistant Professor
Zhenfa Zhang Associate Professor


Adjunct Faculty

Sarav Arunachalam Adjunct Professor
Linda Birnbaum Adjunct Professor
Jared Bowden
Adjunct Professor
Joe Brown Adjunct Associate Professor
Clarissa Brocklehurst Adjunct Professor
Daniel Costa Adjunct Professor
Jon “Pat” Curran Adjunct Assistant Professor
Felix Dodds Adjunct Professor
Shabbir H. Gheewala Adjunct Professor
M. Ian Gilmour Adjunct Professor
Kim Haley Adjunct Assistant Professor
Crystal Lee Pow Jackson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jordan Kern Adjunct Assistant Professor
Janice Lee Adjunct Associate Professor
David Leith Adjunct Professor
Jackie MacDonald Gibson Adjunct Professor
Michael Madden Adjunct Professor
Valeria Ochoa Adjunct Professor
David Peden Adjunct Professor
Joseph Pinto Adjunct Professor
Joachim Pleil Adjunct Professor
Havala Pye Adjunct Associate Professor
Eva Rehfuess Adjunct Professor
Bonnie Rogers Adjunct Professor
Jacky Rosati Adjunct Associate Professor
James Samet Adjunct Professor
Antonia Sebastian Adjunct Assistant Professor
David Singleton Adjunct Assistant Professor
Roger Sit Adjunct Associate Professor
Thomas Starr Adjunct Associate Professor
Frank Stillo III Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nigel Stuart Adjunct Instructor
Mirek Styblo Adjunct Professor
Ana Rappold Adjunct Associate Professor
John Tomaro Adjunct Professor and Research Collaborator for the Water Institute
W. Jon Wallace Adjunct Assistant Professor
John Wambaugh Adjunct Associate Professor


Emeritus Faculty

Michael Aitken Professor Emeritus
Richard Andrews Professor Emeritus
Russell Christman Professor Emeritus
Douglas Crawford-Brown Professor Emeritus
Francis DiGiano Professor Emeritus
Donald Fox Professor Emeritus
Don Francisco Professor Emeritus
Harvey Edward Jeffries Professor Emeritus
Pete Kolsky Professor Emeritus
Donald T Lauria Professor Emeritus
David H Moreau Research Professor
Frederic Pfaender Professor Emeritus
Mark Shuman Professor Emeritus
James Swenberg Professor Emeritus
Stephen C. Whalen Professor Emeritus
Donald Willhoit Professor Emeritus


Research Staff

Jayne Boyer Research Analyst
Peter Cable Research Specialist
Hadley Hartwell Research Specialist
Kaida Liang Project Manager (WI@UNC)
Emanuele Sozzi Research Associate
Lisa Smeester Program Manager, Institute for Environmental Health Solutions
Wren Tracy Research Assistant (WI@UNC)
Glenn Walters Director, BeAM@ESE


Administrative Staff/Program Coordinators

Rhoda Cerny Executive Assistant to the Chair
Gimel Chan Accounting Tech Lead
Todd Downes Pre- and Post-award Coordinator (WI/CEHS)
Doris Dworschak Director of Departmental Finance and Administration
Shannan George Training Specialist (WI@UNC)
Zamira Gleason Administrative Assistant (IEHS)
Jennifer Espinoza Pre-award Coordinator
Eva Keele Accounting Tech
Manal Khan PFAS Program Assistant
Amber Meads Student Funding Administrator
Jennifer Moore Academic Coordinator
Julie Myers Program Specialist (OHN)
Lynda Peterson Accounting Tech
Kriste Smith Business Officer for IEHS
Jason Pruszko IT Technical Support Analyst
Aja Saylor Pre- and Post-award Coordinator
Caitlin Webster Human Resources Consultant
Robin Whitley Faculty Assistant