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Yanping Teng

Yanping Teng

Collborative Studies Coordinating Center
  • Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
  • 123 W. Franklin Street, Suite 450
  • CB #8030
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Staff/Administrative Duties

As a senior biostatistician for the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center (CSCC), Dr. Teng: 

  1. Provides technical, operational, and statistical support for studies, as needed, to meet timelines for monthly management, annual, and ad hoc reports.
  2. Provides manuscript writing group support; conducts exploratory analyses, as needed; writes computing requests; reviews and validates statistical computing results; writes statistical results sections; provides statistical computing support as needed.
  3. Serves as collaborator with study committees and facilitates communication of agendas for conference calls, meetings or training sessions; provides materials for meetings within deliverable timelines.
  4. Manages time and effort so study goals and timelines are met; produces contract deliverables (e.g. reports, manuscripts, investigator use files and documentation) as determined by principal investigator or project director.

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