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Naim Rashid, PhD

Dr. Naim Rashid

Naim Rashid, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics
Research Assistant Professor
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • 3104-E McGavran-Greenberg Hall
  • CB# 7420
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • USA

Naim Rashid is an assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with a joint appointment at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. His area of research focus concerns the development of statistical and computational methods for the analysis of high dimensional genomic data in cancer, primarily those generated by various types of high throughput sequencing experiments. He also engages in collaborative studies at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, working with physicians and researchers on problems relating to genomics and clinical studies. 

Honors and Awards

IBM and R.J. Reynolds Junior Faculty Development Award

2017, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Barry H. Margolin Dissertation Award (for best doctoral dissertation completed in 2013)

2013, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Training Grant recipient

2006-2011, Genomics and Cancer

Representative Courses

Intermediate Linear Models (BIOS 663), Spring 2016, 2017

Statistical Computing (BIOS 735)

Research Activities

RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data analysis, proteomics, model-based clustering, meta-analysis and Integration of genomic datasets, measurement error modeling in genomic data, machine learning methods in high throughput drug screening and precision medicine, clinical trials

Research Interests

  • Cancer
  • Genomics
  • High Dimensional Data Analysis
  • High Throughput Sequencing
  • Variable Selection

Service Activities

Department Service:

2017- Genomics Joint Group Meeting (organizer), Department of Biostatistics
2016- Computing Committee, Department of Biostatistics
2016- Masters Examinations Applications Subcommittee, Department of Biostatistics
2015- Protocol Review Committee, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
2015- Doctoral Examinations Applications Subcommittee, Department of Biostatistics

University Service:

2017- Faculty Council, Gillings School of Global Public Health Representative

Organizer for:

Invited Session in 2019 ENAR meeting on Replicability in Big Data Precision Medicine 

Member of:

Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium, Statistical Working Group


American Statistical Association 

Key Publications

Some statistical strategies for DAE-seq data analysis: variable selection and modeling dependencies among observations. N.U. Rashid, W. Sun, and J.G. Ibrahim (2014). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 109(505), 78–94.

Virtual microdissection identifies distinct tumor and stroma specific subtypes of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. R. A. Moffitt, R. Marayati, E. L. Flate, K. E. Volmar, S. G. H. Loeza, K. A. Hoadley, N.U. Rashid, L. A. Williams, S. C. Eaton, A. H. Chung, et al.  (2015). Nature genetics, 47(10), 1068.

Mammalian period represses and derepresses transcription by displacing clock–bmal1 from promoters in a cryptochrome dependent manner. Y.-Y. Chiou, Y. Yang, N.U. Rashid, R. Ye, C. P. Selby, and A. Sancar (2016). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Differential and limited expression of mutant alleles in multiple myeloma. Rashid, N.U. Sperling, A.S. Bolli, N. Wedge, D.C. Van Loo, P Tai, Y.T. Shammas, M.A. Fulciniti, M. Samur, M.K. Richardson, P.G. Magrangeas, F. Minvielle, S. Futreal, P.A. Anderson, K.C. Avet-Loiseau, H. Campbell, P.J. Parmigiani, G. Munshi, N.C. (2014). Blood, 124(20), 3110–3117.

ZINBA integrates local covariates with DNA-seq data to identify broad and narrow regions of enrichment, even within amplified genomic regions. N.U. Rashid, P.G. Giresi, J.G. Ibrahim, W. Sun, and J.D. Lieb (2011). Genome Biology, 12(7), R67.


PhD, Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013

BS, Biology, Duke University, 2006

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