Faculty and Staff of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Faculty, staff and students from Fall of 2014

ESE faculty, staff and students from Fall of 2014

Michael Aitken Professor and Chair mike_aitken@unc.edu
L. M. Ball Professor lmball@unc.edu
John Bane Joint Professor bane@unc.edu
Jamie Bartram Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor jbartram@email.unc.edu
Wanda M Bodnar Research Assistant Professor wanda_bodnar@unc.edu
Gregory Characklis Professor charack@email.unc.edu
Orlando Coronell Assistant Professor coronell@unc.edu
Michael Flynn Professor (Retired) mike_flynn@unc.edu
Carol Folt Professor and Chancellor
Rebecca Fry Associate Professor rfry@email.unc.edu
Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson Associate Professor jackie.macdonald@unc.edu
Avram Gold Professor golda@email.unc.edu
William Gray Professor (Retired) GrayWG@unc.edu
Ilona Jaspers Joint Professor ilona_jaspers@med.unc.edu
Richard Kamens Professor (Retired) kamens@unc.edu
Pete Kolsky Professor of the Practice Pete_Kolsky@unc.edu
Rick Luettich Joint Professor rick_luettich@unc.edu
Chris Martens Joint Professor cmartens@email.unc.edu
David McNelis Joint Research Professor mcnelis@unc.edu
Cass T Miller Okun Distinguished Professor casey_miller@unc.edu
Jun Nakamura Research Associate Professor ynakamur@email.unc.edu
Rachel Noble Joint Distinguished Professor rtnoble@email.unc.edu
Leena Nylander-French Professor leena_french@unc.edu
Hans W. Paerl Joint Professor hans_paerl@unc.edu
Michael Piehler Joint Associate Professor mpiehler@email.unc.edu
Marc Serre Associate Professor marc_serre@unc.edu
Kenneth Sexton Research Assistant Professor (retired) ken_sexton@unc.edu
David Singleton Research Assistant Professor drsingle@email.unc.edu
Mark D. Sobsey Kenan Distinguished Professor mark_sobsey@unc.edu
Jill Stewart Associate Professor jill.stewart@unc.edu
Jason Surratt Associate Professor surratt@unc.edu
James Swenberg Kenan Distinguished Professor jswenber@email.unc.edu
Barbara Turpin Professor bjturpin@email.unc.edu
William Vizuete Associate Professor airquality@unc.edu
Paul Watkins Joint Professor pbwatkins@med.unc.edu
Howard Weinberg Associate Professor howard_weinberg@unc.edu
Jason West Associate Professor jjwest@email.unc.edu
Stephen C. Whalen Professor Steve_Whalen@unc.edu
Dale Whittington Professor dale_whittington@unc.edu
Courtney G Woods Lecturer cgwoods@email.unc.edu
Zhenfa Zhang Research Assistant Professor zhenfaz@email.unc.edu


Adjunct Faculty

Greg Allgood Adjunct Professor gallgood@worldvision.org
Sarav Arunachalam Adjunct Associate Professor sarav@email.unc.edu
Francis S. Binkowski Adjunct Professor Frank_Binkowski@unc.edu
Linda Birnbaum Adjunct Professor birnbaumls@niehs.nih.gov
Clarissa Brocklehurst Adjunct Professor cbrocklehurst@unc.edu
Gaylen Brubaker Adjunct Professor gbrubaker@geiconsultants.com
Daniel Costa Adjunct Professor
David DeMarini Adjunct Professor demarini.david@epa.gov
John Dement Adjunct Associate Professor john.dement@duke.edu
David Dix Adjunct Professor dix.david@epa.gov
Shabbir H. Gheewala Adjunct Professor gheewala@email.unc.edu
M. Ian Gilmour Adjunct Professor Gilmour.Ian@epa.gov
Raymond Hackney Lecturer raymond.hackney@duke.edu
Chong Kim Adjunct Professor cskim@unc.edu
David Leith Adjunct Professor david_leith@unc.edu
R. Wayne Litaker Adjunct Professor wayne.litaker@noaa.gov
Michael Madden Adjunct Professor madden.michael@epamail.epa.gov
David Peden Adjunct Professor david_peden@med.unc.edu
Terrence Pierson Adjunct Professor tkpierso@email.unc.edu
Joseph Pinto Adjunct Professor joepinto@email.unc.edu
Joachim Pleil Adjunct Professor pleil@email.unc.edu
Jacky Rosati Adjunct Assistant Professor rosati.jacky@epa.gov
James Samet Adjunct Professor jsamet@email.unc.edu
Roger Sit Adjunct Assistant Professor rsit@unc.edu
Thomas Starr Adjunct Associate Professor tbstarr@email.unc.edu
Woodhall Stopford Adjunct Professor stopf001@mc.duke.edu
Mirek Styblo Adjunct Associate Professor styblo@med.unc.edu


Emeritus Faculty

Richard Andrews Professor Emeritus pete.andrews@unc.edu
Russell Christman Professor Emeritus rchristm@live.unc.edu
Douglas Crawford-Brown Professor Emeritus douglas_crawford-brown@unc.edu
Francis DiGiano Professor Emeritus fran_digiano@unc.edu
Donald Fox Professor Emeritus don_fox@unc.edu
Don Francisco Clinical Professor Emeritus don_francisco@unc.edu
Harvey Edward Jeffries Professor Emeritus Harvey@unc.edu
Donald T Lauria Professor Emeritus dlauria@unc.edu
David H Moreau Research Professor dmoreau@email.unc.edu
Frederic Pfaender Professor Emeritus fred_pfaender@unc.edu
Mark Shuman Professor Emeritus
Philip Singer Professor Emeritus phil_singer@unc.edu
Charlie Weiss Professor Emeritus
Donald Willhoit Professor Emeritus


Research Staff

Valeriy Afonin Research Specialist afonin@email.unc.edu
Jayne Boyer Research Analyst jayne_boyer@med.unc.edu
Peter Cable Research Technician pcable@email.unc.edu
Leonard Collins Research Specialist lbcollin@email.unc.edu
Hadley Hartwell Research Specialist hadley_hartwell@med.unc.edu
Kaida Liang Social Clinical Research Manager kliang@email.unc.edu
Margaret Mazzarella Social Clinical Research Assistant mcmazza@email.unc.edu
Lisa Smeester Laboratory Manager smesta@unc.edu
Marissa Streyle Research Associate streyle@email.unc.edu
Glenn Walters Director, ESE Design Center gwalters@email.unc.edu


Administrative Staff

Courtney Andrews Accounting Technician courtney_andrews@unc.edu
Sharon Bowers Part-Time Accounts Manager slbowers@email.unc.edu
Darien Brockington Accounts Manager brock914@email.unc.edu
Karen Capps Human Resources Consultant kcapps@email.unc.edu
Rhoda Cerny Assistant to the Chair rcerny@email.unc.edu
Jordan Dalton Technology/Web Associate jordanda@email.unc.edu
Jason DeGraffenreidt Accounts Manager jdegraff@email.unc.edu
Dennis Fedor Specialty Trades Technician dfedor@email.unc.edu
David Fuente Program Coordinator for the Water Institute fuente@email.unc.edu
Shannan George Training Specialist swgeorge@email.unc.edu
Rebecca Gunn Faculty Assistant rngunn@email.unc.edu
Katie Hall Communications Specialist for the Water Institute mchall@email.unc.edu
Wake Harper Student Services Assistant wbh@unc.edu
Kris Horvath Director of Knowledge Management, Water Institute khorvath@email.unc.edu
Susan H. Keesee Intermittent Temporary keesee@email.unc.edu
Jeanne Luh Program Coordinator for the Water Institute jluh@email.unc.edu
Pamela Mathews Superfund Coordinator pmathews@email.unc.edu
Position Vacant Communications Specialist
Jennifer Potocnik Temporary Accounting Technician jrprose@email.unc.edu
Ron Ross Admin Assistant for the Water Institute rbross@email.unc.edu
Ryan Rowe Public Communications Specialist for the Water Institute ryanrowe@unc.edu
Janet Scearce Human Resources Consultant jscearce@email.unc.edu
Kriste Smith Business Officer kristes@email.unc.edu
Position Vacant Pre-award Coordinator
James C Wallace, Jr. Technical Support Analyst jcwallace@unc.edu
Jack Whaley Student Services Manager jack_whaley@unc.edu
Robin Whitley Faculty Assistant robin_whitley@unc.edu