Faculty and Staff of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

ESE faculty

ESE faculty retreat at the North Carolina Botanical Garden’s Education Center, 2013


Michael Aitken Professor and Chair mike_aitken@unc.edu
Richard Andrews Joint Professor pete.andrews@unc.edu
L. M. Ball Professor lmball@unc.edu
John Bane Joint Professor bane@unc.edu
Jamie Bartram Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor jbartram@email.unc.edu
Wanda M Bodnar Research Assistant Professor wanda_bodnar@unc.edu
Gregory Characklis Professor charack@email.unc.edu
Orlando Coronell Assistant Professor coronell@unc.edu
Michael Flynn Professor (Retired) mike_flynn@unc.edu
Carol Folt Professor and Chancellor
Rebecca Fry Associate Professor rfry@email.unc.edu
Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson Associate Professor jackie.macdonald@unc.edu
Avram Gold Professor golda@email.unc.edu
William Gray Professor (Retired) GrayWG@unc.edu
Ilona Jaspers Joint Professor ilona_jaspers@med.unc.edu
Richard Kamens Professor (Retired) kamens@unc.edu
Pete Kolsky Professor of the Practice Pete_Kolsky@unc.edu
Rick Luettich Joint Professor rick_luettich@unc.edu
Chris Martens Joint Professor cmartens@email.unc.edu
David McNelis Joint Research Professor mcnelis@unc.edu
Cass T Miller Okun Distinguished Professor casey_miller@unc.edu
Jun Nakamura Research Associate Professor ynakamur@email.unc.edu
Rachel Noble Joint Professor rtnoble@email.unc.edu
Leena Nylander-French Professor leena_french@unc.edu
Hans W. Paerl Joint Professor hans_paerl@unc.edu
Michael Piehler Joint Associate Professor mpiehler@email.unc.edu
Marc Serre Associate Professor marc_serre@unc.edu
Kenneth Sexton Research Assistant Professor (retired) ken_sexton@unc.edu
David Singleton Research Assistant Professor drsingle@email.unc.edu
Mark D. Sobsey Kenan Distinguished Professor mark_sobsey@unc.edu
Jill Stewart Associate Professor jill.stewart@unc.edu
Jason Surratt Associate Professor surratt@unc.edu
James Swenberg Kenan Distinguished Professor jswenber@email.unc.edu
Barbara Turpin Professor
William Vizuete Associate Professor airquality@unc.edu
Paul Watkins Joint Professor pbwatkins@med.unc.edu
Howard Weinberg Associate Professor howard_weinberg@unc.edu
Jason West Associate Professor jjwest@email.unc.edu
Stephen C. Whalen Professor Steve_Whalen@unc.edu
Dale Whittington Professor dale_whittington@unc.edu
Courtney G Woods Lecturer cgwoods@email.unc.edu
Zhenfa Zhang Research Assistant Professor zhenfaz@email.unc.edu


Adjunct Faculty

Greg Allgood Adjunct Professor
Sarav Arunachalam Adjunct Associate Professor sarav@email.unc.edu
Francis S. Binkowski Adjunct Professor Frank_Binkowski@unc.edu
Linda Birnbaum Adjunct Professor birnbaumls@niehs.nih.gov
Clarissa Brocklehurst Adjunct Professor cbrocklehurst@unc.edu
Gaylen Brubaker Adjunct Professor
Daniel Costa Adjunct Professor
David Demarini Adjunct Professor demarini.david@epa.gov
John Dement Adjunct Associate Professor john.dement@duke.edu
David Dix Adjunct Professor
Shabbir H. Gheewala Adjunct Professor gheewala@email.unc.edu
M. Ian Gilmour Adjunct Professor
Raymond Hackney Lecturer raymond.hackney@duke.edu
Chong Kim Adjunct Professor cskim@unc.edu
David Leith Adjunct Professor david_leith@unc.edu
R. Wayne Litaker Adjunct Professor litaker@unc.edu
Michael Madden Adjunct Professor madden.michael@epamail.epa.gov
David Peden Adjunct Professor david_peden@med.unc.edu
Terrence Pierson Adjunct Professor tkpierso@email.unc.edu
Joseph Pinto Adjunct Professor joepinto@email.unc.edu
Joachim Pleil Adjunct Professor pleil@email.unc.edu
Jacky Rosati Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr James Samet Adjunct Professor jsamet@email.unc.edu
Roger Sit Adjunct Assistant Professor rsit@unc.edu
Thomas Starr Adjunct Associate Professor tbstarr@email.unc.edu
Woodhall Stopford Adjunct Professor
Mirek Styblo Adjunct Associate Professor styblo@med.unc.edu


Emeritus Faculty

Russell Christman Professor Emeritus rchristm@live.unc.edu
Douglas Crawford-Brown Professor Emeritus douglas_crawford-brown@unc.edu
Francis DiGiano Professor Emeritus fran_digiano@unc.edu
Donald Fox Professor Emeritus don_fox@unc.edu
Don Francisco Clinical Professor Emeritus don_francisco@unc.edu
Harvey Edward Jeffries Professor Emeritus Harvey@unc.edu
Donald T Lauria Professor Emeritus dlauria@unc.edu
David H Moreau Research Professor dmoreau@email.unc.edu
Frederic Pfaender Professor Emeritus fred_pfaender@unc.edu
Mark Shuman Professor Emeritus
Philip Singer Professor Emeritus phil_singer@unc.edu
Charlie Weiss Professor Emeritus
Donald Willhoit Professor Emeritus


Research Staff

Valeriy Afonin Research Specialist afonin@email.unc.edu
Jayne Boyer Research Analyst jayne_boyer@med.unc.edu
Peter Cable Research Technician pcable@email.unc.edu
Leonard Collins Research Specialist lbcollin@email.unc.edu
Hadley Hartwell Research Specialist hadley_hartwell@med.unc.edu
Kaida Liang Social Clinical Research Manager kliang@email.unc.edu
Margaret Mazzarella Social Clinical Research Assistant mcmazza@email.unc.edu
Lisa Smeester Laboratory Manager smesta@unc.edu
Marissa Streyle Research Associate streyle@email.unc.edu
Glenn Walters Director, ESE Design Center gwalters@email.unc.edu


Administrative Staff

Courtney Andrews Accounting Technician courtney_andrews@unc.edu
Sharon Bowers Part-Time Accounts Manager slbowers@email.unc.edu
Raymond Brower Accounting Technician rbrower@email.unc.edu
Karen Capps Human Resources Consultant kcapps@email.unc.edu
Rhoda Cerny Assistant to the Chair rcerny@email.unc.edu
Jordan Dalton Technology/Web Associate jordanda@email.unc.edu
Jason DeGraffenreidt Accounts Manager jdegraff@email.unc.edu
Dennis Fedor Specialty Trades Technician dfedor@email.unc.edu
David Fuente Program Coordinator for the Water Institute fuente@email.unc.edu
Shannan George Training Specialist swgeorge@email.unc.edu
Rebecca Gunn Faculty Assistant rngunn@email.unc.edu
Katie Hall Communications Specialist for the Water Institute mchall@email.unc.edu
Wake Harper Student Services Assistant wbh@unc.edu
Susan H. Keesee Intermittent Temporary keesee@email.unc.edu
Jeanne Luh Program Coordinator for the Water Institute jluh@email.unc.edu
Pamela Mathews Superfund Coordinator pmathews@email.unc.edu
Ashley McKinney Communications Specialist amckin@email.unc.edu
Jennifer Potocnik Temporary Accounting Technician jrprose@email.unc.edu
Ron Ross Admin Assistant for the Water Institute rbross@email.unc.edu
Ryan Rowe Public Communications Specialist for the Water Institute ryanrowe@unc.edu
Janet Scearce Human Resources Consultant jscearce@email.unc.edu
Kriste Smith Business Officer kristes@email.unc.edu
Judy Smith Pre-award Coordinator judith_smith@med.unc.edu
Daniel Storie Temporary Accounting Tech illusion@email.unc.edu
James C Wallace, Jr. Technical Support Analyst jcwallace@unc.edu
Jack Whaley Student Services Manager jack_whaley@unc.edu
Robin Whitley Faculty Assistant robin_whitley@unc.edu
Alem Woreta Temporary Accounting Tech woreta@live.unc.edu