Jamie Bartram, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Former Director
The Water Institute at UNC


Dr. Bartram's research interests focus on the connections between water (including sanitation and hygiene) and health -- especially the links between science, policy and practice, in both developing and developed countries. They include technologies for urban sanitation renewal; management systems for drinking-water safety and rural drinking-water supply; emerging issues (including water scarcity and climate change) and their impacts on system sustainability; health system activities on water and sanitation; and sector capacity issues such as monitoring, the costs and impacts of interventions and effective regulation and financing.

Key Publications

The Flint water crisis confirms that US drinking water needs improved risk management. Baum, Rachel*; Bartram, Jamie; Hrudey, Steve (2016). Environmental Science & Technology (viewpoint), Manuscript ID: es-2016-02238n.R1(-).

Assessing Progress towards Public Health, Human Rights and International Development Goals Using Frontier Analysis. Luh J*, Cronk R* and Bartram J (2016).

Vulnerability assessment for loss of access to drinking water due to extreme weather events. Jeanne Luh*, Elizabeth C. Christenson, Aizhan Toregozhina, David A. Holcomb, Tucker Witsil, Laura R. Hamrick, Edema Ojomo*, and Jamie Bartram (2015). Climatic Change, 133(4), 665-679.

Association of Supply Type with Fecal Contamination of Source Water and Household Stored Drinking-water in Developing Countries: a bivariate meta-analysis. Katherine Shields, Rob Bain, Ryan Cronk*, Jim Wright and Jamie Bartram (2015). Environ Health Perspect., 123(12), 1222-1231.

Lack of Toilets and Safe Water in Health-care Facilities (editorial). Jamie Bartram, Ryan Cronk*, Maggie Montgomery, Bruce Gordon, Maria Neira, Edward Kelley and Yael Velleman (2015). Bull World Health Organ, 93(210).

Global Monitoring of Water Supply and Sanitation: A critical review of history, methods, and future challenges. Jamie Bartram, Clarissa Brocklehurst, Mike Fisher*, Rolf Luyendijk, Rifat Hossain, Tessa Wardlaw, and Bruce Gordon (2014). Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 11(-), 8137-8165.


  • PhD, Environmental and Public Health, University of Surrey, 1996
  • BSc, Microbiology, University of Surrey, 1985