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Jason D. Surratt, PhD

Dr. Jason Surratt

Jason D. Surratt, PhD

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies (Admissions)
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  • 164 Rosenau Hall
  • CB #7431
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • USA

Professor Surratt specializes in atmospheric chemistry fundamentals.

Dr. Surratt's lab utilizes advanced mass spectrometry and chromatographic techniques to understand as deeply as possible the atmospheric chemistry that occurs in both the gas and particulate phases, with special focus on the chemistry leading to the formation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA).

Since SOA is a major fraction of atmospheric fine particulate matter, chemically characterizing it resolves its sources and impacts on climate, air quality and public health. By using this approach, Dr. Surratt has helped to reveal the detailed chemical pathways leading to SOA formation from the atmospheric oxidation of isoprene (the most abundant non-methane hydrocarbon on Earth) in the presence of anthropogenic pollutants.

His research combines synthetic organic and atmospheric analytical chemistry with toxicogenomics, toxicology and systems biology.

Honors and Awards

James J. Morgan Early Career Award Lectureship, Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T)

2016, American Chemical Society

Ruth and Philip Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement

2015, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Editors’ Citation For Excellence in Refereeing

2015, Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR) – Atmospheres

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Environmental Chemistry Mentor


Sheldon K. Friedlander Award

2013, American Association for Aerosol Research

Early Career Award

2013, Environmental Protection Agency

Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award

2012, Health Effects Institute

Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists (ACCESS)

2011, Gordon Research Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry

Fast Breaking Paper In the Field of Environment/Ecology for the manuscript entitled: "Evidence for Organosulfates in Secondary Organic Aerosol"


EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Graduate Fellowship

2004-2007, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Outstanding Graduating Senior Research Award

2003, North Carolina State University

Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

2003, North Carolina State University

The American Institute of Chemists Award

2003, The American Institute of Chemists

The Astronaut Scholarship

2002, The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Representative Courses

Environmental Chemistry (ENVR 403)

Aerosol Physics and Chemistry (ENVR 416)

Research Interest

  • Air Quality and Atmosphere Science

Key Publications

Assessing the Oxidative Potential of Isoprene-Derived Epoxides and Secondary Organic Aerosol. Kramer, A. J.; Rattanavaraha, W.; Zhang, Z.; Gold, A.; Surratt, J. D.*; Lin, Y.-H.  (2016). Atmospheric Environment, 130(-), 211-218.

Constraining Condensed-Phase Formation Kinetics of Secondary Organic Aerosol Components from Isoprene Epoxydiols. Riedel, T. P.; Lin, Y-H.; Zhang, Z.; Chu, K.; Thornton, J. A.; Vizuete, W. G.; Gold, A.; Surratt, J. D.* (2016). Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics, 16(3), 1245-1254.

Light-Absorbing Oligomer Formation in Secondary Organic Aerosol from Reactive Uptake of Isoprene Epoxydiols. Lin, Y.-H.; Budisulistiorini, S. H.; Chu, K.; Siejack, R. A.; Zhang, H.; Riva, M.; Zhang, Z.; Gold., A.; Kautzman, K. E.; Surratt J. D.* (2014). Environmental Science & Technology, 48(20), 12012-12021.

Epoxide as a precursor to secondary organic aerosol formation from isoprene photooxidation in the presence of nitrogen oxides. et al., Maiko Arashiro, Libero Bartolotti, Sri Budisulistiorini, Tianqu Cui, Edward Edney, Avram Gold, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Deborah Luecken, Wendy Marth, Sarah Park, Ivan Piletic, Havala Pye, Kenneth Sexton, Jason Surratt, William Vizuete, Ying Xie, Zhenfa Zhang, Haofei Zhang (2013). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(17), 6718-6723.

Isoprene Epoxydiols as Precursors to Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation: Acid-Catalyzed Reactive Uptake Studies with Authentic Compounds. et al., Arthur Chan, Timothy Dallmann, Drew Gentner, Jessica Gilman, Allen Goldstein, Joost Gouw, Robert Harley, Patrick Hayes, Gabriel Isaacman, Jose Jimenez, Thomas . Lin, Y.-H.; Zhang, Z.; Docherty, K. S.; Zhang, H.; Budisulistiorini, S. H.; Rubitschun, C. L.; Shaw, S. L.; Knipping, E. M.; Edgerton, E. S.; Kleindienst, T. E.; Gold, A.; Surratt, J. D.* (2013). Environmental Science & Technology, 46(1), 250-258.


PhD, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 2010

BS, Meteorology, North Carolina State University, 2003

BA, Chemistry, North Carolina State University, 2003

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