Dr. Lauren Eaves

Lauren Eaves, PhD, IBCLC

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Research Scientist
Institute for Environmental Health Solutions


Dr. Eaves is a research scientist in the Institute for Environmental Health Solutions. Integrating epidemiologic and toxicogenomic approaches as well as geospatial methods, her research investigates short-term (eg. preterm birth, preeclampsia) and long-term (eg. neurodevelopmental outcomes) effects of in utero exposure to environmental chemicals, particularly toxic metals. In collaboration with the UNC Superfund Research Program, Lauren also studies toxic metal contamination of private wells in North Carolina. In addition, she provides data analysis support to other researchers within the IEHS. When not conducting research, Lauren enjoys supporting postpartum families as a lactation consultant.

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Research Activities

Placental epigenomics and transcriptomics 

Effects of in utero exposure to metals 

Metal contamination of private wells 

Effects of exposure to chemical mixtures 

Key Publications

Generation of the Chemical and Social Stressors Integration Technique (CASS-IT) to identify areas of holistic public health concern: An application to North Carolina. Eaves, L. A., Lanier, P., Enggasser, A. E., Chung, G., Turla, T., Rager, J. E., & Fry, R. C. (2023). Science of The Total Environment, 862(160409).
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Metal mixtures modeling identifies birth weight-associated gene networks in the Placentas of children born extremely preterm. . Eaves, L. A., Bulka, C. M., Rager, J. E., Gardner, A. J., Galusha, A. L., Parsons, P. J., O'Shea, T. M., & Fry, R. C. (2023). Chemosphere, 313(137469).
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CPG methylation patterns in placenta and neonatal blood are differentially associated with neonatal inflammation. Eaves, L. A., Enggasser, A. E., Camerota, M., Gogcu, S., Gower, W. A., Hartwell, H., Jackson, W. M., Jensen, E., Joseph, R. M., Marsit, C. J., Roell, K., Santos, H. P., Shenberger, J. S., Smeester, L., Yanni, D., Kuban, K. C., O’Shea, T. M., & Fry, R. C. (2022). Pediatric Research.
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Analysis of the novel NCWELL database highlights two decades of co-occurrence of toxic metals in North Carolina private well water: Public Health and Environmental Justice Implications. Eaves, L. A., Keil, A. P., Rager, J. E., George, A., & Fry, R. C. (2022). Science of The Total Environment, 812(151479).
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A role for micrornas in the epigenetic control of sexually dimorphic gene expression in the human placenta. A Eaves, L., Phookphan, P., E Rager, J., Bangma, J., Santos, H. P., Smeester, L., O'Shea, T. M., & C Fry, R. (2020). Epigenomics, 12(17), 1543–1558.
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  • PhD, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • BSPH, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, 2018