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Avram Gold

Avram Gold

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Associate Chair for Academics
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  • 166B Rosenau Hall
  • CB #7431
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • USA


Honors and Awards

Fogarty International Fellowship

1986-1987, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, FR

Research Activities

The Gold laboratory research covers three areas:

-As the synthesis section of the Chemistry and Analytical Core of the Superfund Grant, the laboratory synthesizes natural abundance analytical standards and internal standards labeled with stable isotopes for analyte quantitation by isotope dilution mass spectrometry. We also perform structural analysis, specializing in heteronuclear, multidimensional NMR.

-The Superfund work has led to an interest in characterizing oxidative DNA lesions. The lab was first to characterize 2-iminohydantion, a potentially common, mutagenic lesion.

-The laboratory is working in collaboration with Jason Surratt’s atmospheric chemistry group in probing the mechanisms of formation of secondary organic aerosols. Our role is synthesis of standards, structural determinations and elucidation of photochemical oxidation pathways. This work has established importance of organic epoxides as reactive intermediates.

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