Dr. Hans Paerl

Hans W. Paerl, PhD

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
W.R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor
Institute of Marine Sciences
Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences


Profile on Institute of Marine Sciences Website: http://ims.unc.edu/home/people/hans-paerl/

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Research Activities

▪ Determining, sources and roles of nutrients in eutrophication, algal bloom and food web dynamics of the Neuse River and New River Estuaries, Pamlico Sound and nearshore waters.

▪    Deployment and environmental sensors and biological indicators on unattended platforms and ferries as ships of opportunity for assessing water quality and habitat condition in Norh Carolina estuaries (www.ferrymon.org)

▪    Developing and deploying long term environmental monitoring and assessment programs for North Carolina Estuarine and coastal ecosystems (Neuse and New River Estuaries, Pamlico Sound)

▪    Determining nutrient over-enrichment and developing nutrient management strategies to control eutrophication and harmful algal blooms in large lake and estuarine ecosystems in the US, China (Lake Taihu), Europe (e.g. Baltic Sea) and other regions.

▪    Evaluating the interactive impacts and roles of human (nutrient) and climatic (storms, hurricanes, floods, droughts) perturbations on estuarine and coastal water quality and habitat condition.

▪    Examining impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on phytoplankton dynamics and eutrophication.

▪    Determining environmental factors controlling blue-green algal (cyanobacterial) nitrogen fixation and bloom dynamics in lakes, rivers, estuarine and coastal ecosystems.


  • PhD, Ecology and Limnology, University of California-Davis, 1973
  • BS, Biological Sciences, University of California-Davis, 1969