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Biochemistry Faculty

Ramon Bataller Associate Professor ramon_bataller@med.unc.edu
Brian Bennett Assistant Professor brian_bennett@med.unc.edu
Melinda Beck Professor, Associate Chair for Academics melinda_beck@unc.edu
Wenhong Cao Research Associate Professor caow@email.unc.edu
Rosalind Coleman Professor, Division Director rcoleman@unc.edu
Karen Corbin Research Assistant Professor kcorbin@email.unc.edu
Zuzana Drobna Research Assistant Professor zuzana_drobna@med.unc.edu
Leslie Fischer Research Assistant Professor lfischer@email.unc.edu
Anthony Hackney Professor thackney@med.unc.edu
Stephen Hursting Professor hursting@email.unc.edu
Natalia Krupenko Assistant Professor inatalia@email.unc.edu
Sergey Krupenko Professor sergeyk@email.unc.edu
Liza Makowski Assistant Professor liza.makowski@unc.edu
Folami Ideraabdullah Assistant Professor folami@email.unc.edu
Martin Kohlmeier Research Professor mkohlmeier@unc.edu
Mark Koruda Professor mark_koruda@med.unc.edu
Pauline Lund Professor empk@med.unc.edu
Nobuyo Maeda Professor nobuyo@med.unc.edu
Mihai Niculescu Assistant Professor mihai@email.unc.edu
Daniel Pomp Professor dpomp@unc.edu
Patricia Sheridan Research Assistant Professor patricia_sheridan@med.unc.edu
Mirek Styblo Professor styblo@med.unc.edu
James Swenberg W.R. Kenan Jr, Distinguished Professor jswenber@email.unc.edu
Steven Zeisel W.R. Kenan Jr, Distinguished Professor steven_zeisel@unc.edu

Epidemiology Faculty

Linda Adair Professor and Division Director linda_adair@unc.edu
Sandra Albrecht Assistant Professor ssalb@live.unc.edu
Patrick Bradshaw Research Assistant Professor patrickb@email.unc.edu
Cynthia Bulik Distinguished Professor cynthia_bulik@med.unc.edu
Shufa Du Research Assistant Professor dushufa@email.unc.edu
Penny Gordon-Larsen Professor pglarsen@email.unc.edu
Archana Lamichhane Research Assistant Professor archana_lamichhane@unc.edu
Leslie Lytle Professor llytle@email.unc.edu
Philip May Research Professor pmay@email.unc.edu
Elizabeth Mayer-Davis Professor and Chair mayerdav@email.unc.edu
Michelle Mendez Assistant Professor mmendez@email.unc.edu
Katie Meyer Research Assistant Professo ktmeyer@email.unc.edu
Shu Wen Ng Research Assistant Professor shuwen@unc.edu
Barry Popkin W R Kenan, Jr Distinguished Professor popkin@unc.edu
Anna Maria Siega-Riz Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs am_siegariz@unc.edu
June Stevens Distinguished Professor june_stevens@unc.edu
Kimberly Truesdale Research Assistant Professor Kim_Truesdale@unc.edu
Venkata Saroja Voruganti Assistant Professor saroja@unc.edu

Intervention and Policy Faculty

Alice Ammerman Professor and Division Director alice_ammerman@unc.edu
Margaret Bentley Professor pbentley@unc.edu
Kyle S. Burger Assistant Professor kyle_burger@unc.edu
Temitope Erinosho Research Assistant Professor erinosho@email.unc.edu
Myles Faith Associate Professor mfaith@unc.edu
Valerie Flax Research Assistant Professor flax@unc.edu
Derek Hales Research Assistant Professor derekh@email.unc.edu
Suzanne Hobbs Clinical Professor suzanne_hobbs@unc.edu
Amanda Holliday Clinical Assistant Professor amanda_holliday@unc.edu
Lucia Leone Research Assistant Professor lucia@unc.edu
Carmen Samuel-Hodge Research Assistant Professor cdsamuel@email.unc.edu
Janice K Sommers Clinical Assistant Professor janice_sommers@unc.edu
Deborah Tate Associate Professor dtate@unc.edu
Dianne Stanton Ward Professor dsward@email.unc.edu
Marlyn Allicock Adjunct Assistant Professor allicock@email.unc.edu
Andrea Anatar
John Anderson Adjunct Professor jjb_anderson@unc.edu
Melissa Bauserman Clinical Assistant Professor mbauserm@med.unc.edu
Judith Borja
Melissa Daniels Adjunct Assistant Professor
James Elliott Adjunct Professor
Bernard Gutin Adjunct Professor gutin@email.unc.edu
Juhaeri Juhaeri Adjunct Professor juhaeri.juhaeri@sanofi-aventis.com
Tope Keku Adjunct Professor temitope_keku@med.unc.edu
Robert McMurray Adjunct Professor exphys@email.unc.edu
Mihai Mehedint Adjunct Assistant Professor mihai_george@unc.edu
Angelo Mojica Adjunct Instructor Mojica@unc.edu
Meghan Slining Adjunct Assistant Professor slining@unc.edu
Susan Sumner Adjunct Professor
Boyd Switzer Adjunct Associate Professor boyd_switzer@unc.edu
Ms Melicia Whitt Adjunct Associate Professor
Susan Wyler Adjunct Instructor swylerRD@chapelhilldoctors.com
Chris Anderson Department Manager chris_anderson@unc.edu

Finance and operations questions including expenditures, policies, budgets, and other administrative departmental questions


John Barr Accounting Technician jbarr@unc.edu

IP and EPI Grant Accounts, Sanofi account, trust accounts for Dr. Stevens and P-card issues


Terrie Church Administrative Manager tchurch@email.unc.edu

Pre-award and post-award contracts and grant questions, state funds, overhead funds, trust funds, foundation funds and recharge funds questions, budgeting and financial analysis


Tammy Elliott Accounting Technician tammy_elliott@unc.edu

BIOCHEM grant accounts, training grant appointments and tables, P-Card, and administrative backup


Joanne Lee Student Services Manager joanne_lee@unc.edu

Admissions, registration, student records, student aid/funding, class schedules, counseling and alumni questions, student listserv administration, all student events


Elisabeth Lewis Assistant to the Chair/Department Communications elisabeth_lewis@unc.edu

Any request for the Chair, including all letters and meetings, listserv administration, website edits and questions, social media administration, development assistance, department events, faculty meeting agendas and minutes, VTC assistance


Jon Mozes Business Services Coordinator jgmozes@email.unc.edu

All Facility Services work-order requests, administrative staff office-supplies orders, FedEx mailing and supplies, campus and regular mail issues, surplus pick-up requests, department parking coordinator, department-office keys,  department copier/printer/shredder issues, phone issues and phone-roster changes, SPH room reservations, capital-asset-inventory records, lab/office moves, room and lab survey (SPOTS), EHS healthcare-worker-compliance records,  State Employee Combined Campaign Team Captain (SEECC), department staff awards planning, and miscellaneous department events planning


Ed Payne Accounting Technician edpayne@unc.edu

Department overhead, trusts and state funds questions, HR support and hiring student employees


Janet Scearce HR and Grants Coordinator jscearce@email.unc.edu

Appointments, promotion, and tenure, TIM and leave related matters, HR and hiring, benefits


Tom Yates Computer Support Technician tomyates@unc.edu

I am the Information Security Liaison. I deal with all computer issues including computer hardware and software troubleshooting, computer access control, information security, hardware/software purchases and installation. Please submit Help requests at: http://help.unc.edu/ or call 919-962-HELP(4357).