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Saroja Voruganti, PhD

Saroja Voruganti, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition

Dr. Voruganti’s research is focused on understanding the genetic and environmental factors affecting serum uric acid metabolism and subsequent risk for renal, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases using a combination of statistical, molecular and bioinformatics (network/pathway analysis) techniques.

Specifically, her research interests are:

  1. The influence of gene variants on serum uric acid levels;
  2. The effect of nutritional factors on serum uric acid levels and gene expression of molecules related to hyperuricemia and resultant disease;
  3. The influence of genotype by environmental (alcohol intake, smoking, diabetes and hypertension status) interactions on the regulation of serum uric acid levels; and
  4. Identification of functional markers of these diseases that will lead to novel treatment targets.

The ultimate goal of her work is to gain greater insight into the role of genetic variants and diet in health outcomes and to help identify effective and tailored treatment options.

Dr. Voruganti also conducts research in several underserved populations including Hispanic children, Mexican Americans, Native Americans and Alaskan Natives.

Honors and Awards

Fellowship of the American Heart Association

2014, American Heart Association

Research Activities

Nutritional and genetic epidemiology

Metabolic effects of hyper and hypouricemia on health

Health disparities in minority populations

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