2014 BIOS Seminars, Spring

Biostatistic Seminars (BIOS 843) are held on Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm in 1301 McGavran-Greenberg Hall   
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Jan. 8
Armin Schwartzman
North Carolina State University

Theoretical and Applied Problems in Statistical Signal and Image Analysis 

Jan. 15

Alan Gelfand
Duke University
Wildfires in South Africa; Cherry Trees in Japan 
Jan. 22
Sihai Zhao
Perelman School of Medicine 
University of Pennsylvania
 Finding disease-associated transcripts by integrating genomic data using sparse simultaneous signal detection
 Jan. 29
Matthew N. McCall
University of Rochester
Medical Center
 Gene Regulatory Network Estimation

Feb. 5 

Xiang Zhou
University of Chicago
 Polygenic modeling with Bayesian sparse linear mixed models in genome-wide association studies
Feb. 12
Mengjie Chen
Yale University
 Profiling and accounting for heterogeneity in the analysis of cancer sequencing data
 Feb. 19  
Dajiang J. Liu
Penn State University
Feb. 26
Guanhua Chen
UNC – Chapel Hill 

Finding optimal individualized treatment dose using outcome weighted learning

March 5 
Howard Bondell
North Carolina State University
 Consistent high-dimensional Bayesian variable selection via penalized credible regions
March 19

Avner Halevy
UNC – Chapel Hill

Adventures in High Dimensions
March 26

Fan Li
Duke University

Weighting Beyond Horvitz-Thompson in Causal Inference 
April 2
Robert Obenchain
National Institute of Statistical Sciences

Patient micro-Aggregation:
“Bottom-Up” Methods for Rapid Medical Learning

 April 9
Jin-Whan Jung and Steven Enck
SAS Institute Inc.
Recent Trends related to the Analysis of Big Data in Industry
April 16
Colin Begg
Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center
April 23
Thomas Richardson
University of Washington 
 Unifying the Counterfactual and Graphical Approaches to Causality via Single World Intervention Graphs (SWIGs)

 History of the UNC-CH Department of Biostatistics (1949-2011)

The UNC-CH Department of Biostatistics has a long and prestigious history! Read about sixty years of excellence in research, training and collaboration. [Book chapter from: Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U.S., editors Agresti and Meng (2013)]


Bernard G. Greenberg Lecture Series (past speakers and lecture slides)

Dr. Marvin Zelen of Harvard University – May 12-13, 2010
Dr. Roderick Little of the University of Michigan – May 12-13, 2011

Dr. Robert John Tibshirani of Stanford University – June 6-7, 2012

Dr. Trevor Hastie of Stanford University – May 8-9, 2013

Dr. Jianqing Fan of Princeton – May 28-29, 2014