Student Services

Jennifer Moore
Academic Coordinator
162B Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Adia Ware
MPH Coordinator:
Environmental Health Solutions
Health Equity, Social Justice and Human Rights

Chair’s Office

Rhoda Cerny

Rhoda Cerny

Executive Assistant to the Chair, Dr. Barbara Turpin
166 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Administrative Officers

Dr. Barbara Turpin

Dr. Turpin

Barbara Turpin, PhD
Departmental Chair and Professor
166C Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Dr. Orlando Coronell

Dr. Coronell

Orlando Coronell, PhD
Associate Chair for Academics and Professor
163B Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Dr. Rebecca Fry

Dr. Fry

Rebecca Fry, PhD, Angle Distinguished Professor
Associate Chair for Strategic Initiatives and Director of IEHS

166A Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Zamira Gleason

Zamira Gleason

Zamira Gleason
Assistant to Dr. Rebecca Fry
167 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Program Directors

Dr. Jason West

Dr. West

Jason West, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies (MS, MSPH, PhD) and Professor
140 Rosenau Hall
CB# 7431

Amanda Northcross, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Studies (Admissions) and Associate Professor
160 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Will Vizuete

Dr. Vizuete

Will Vizuete, PhD
Director of MSEE Program and Associate Professor
1302 Michael Hooker Research Center
CB #7431

Dr. Courtney Woods

Dr. Woods

Courtney Woods, PhD
Director of MPH Program and Assistant Professor
146B Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Administrative Staff

Doris Dworschak
Director of Departmental Finance and Administration
166D Rosenau
CB #7431

Kriste Smith
Business Officer (IEHS)
348 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Robin Whitley
Administrative Systems Coordinator
148 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Position Vacant
Student Funding Administrator

357 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Lynda Peterson
Account Technician
356 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Eva Keele
Student Funding Administrator
357 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Jennifer Espinoza
Pre-Award Coordinator
148B Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Aja Martindale
Pre- and Post-Award Coordinator
148A Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Manal Khan
PFAS Program Coordinator/Academic Program Support
161 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431

Caitlin Webster
Human Resources Consultant
209 Rosenau Hall

LaSonya Whitworth
Visa Specialist
207 Rosenau Hall
(919) 966-3255

Jason Pruszko
IT Support Analyst
009 Rosenau Hall
CB #7431
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