Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering Chair Dr. Michael Aitken wrote an op-ed about the cost of gambling on climate change, published in the News and Observer. (photo: Flickr Creative Commons)
Message from the Chair
"Our department is unique in the extent to which it combines the physical sciences, health sciences, engineering, and policy to address current and emerging environmental challenges in a single home. This multidisciplinary approach... " More >
Michael Aitken, PhD
Professor and Chair

Our department focuses on the interface between people and the environment.

Uniquely situated in a school of public health, our interdisciplinary programs in air quality and atmospheric processes, human exposure and health effects, and sustainable water resources draw from faculty expertise in the physical and life sciences, engineering and policy. Our research strengths include:

  • Characterizing exposures to contaminants in air, water, soil and workplaces;
  • Developing engineering and policy solutions to environmental risks;
  • Molecular approaches to understanding diseases caused by toxic substances in the environment; and
  • Overcoming environmental health challenges in developing countries.
News Spotlight

This year, two graduate students in environmental sciences and engineering are being honored with the Graduate School’s Impact Award in recognition of their outstanding research. You can learn more about these students and their research here.
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