Learn while you teach

Graduate teaching assistants (TAs) play vital roles in the instructional program in the Department of Epidemiology and gain experience that is invaluable for their own professional development as well. Epidemiology graduate students assist in a variety of courses, both within and outside the Department, and in a variety of roles.

What students are saying

“[My teaching assistant] was a really good TA and was very available for any of our questions. The course developed really well, and improved a lot in the sessions. I wish we could have more time to study this class, but the way it is currently designed is helpful to keep informed and up to date with assignments and information. The tests and paper were very challenging and interesting. I enjoyed very much this course!”

“[My teaching assistant] is a great TA and very enthusiastic. [S/he] is approachable and tries very hard to explain the material.”

“I thought the small group discussion format was very helpful and really helped integrate the class material with “real life” situations. It made the material much more applicable to professional work”

“I enjoyed the labs and found them to be a great learning experience. Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and interesting group of people was a very rewarding experience.”

“I really like the discussion groups — I think a good part of my learning took place here. Overall, a fun and informative class — thanks!”

“Overall, this class has been a good learning experience in spite of a challenging subject for me. This is due to the thoroughly great job [My teaching assistant] did as a TA and to the candid and well organized nature of Vic’s lectures.”

“[My teaching assistant] understands the material she teaches, contributes examples from her field of expertise, encourages/requires comments from the class, and willingly considers alternate explanations of concepts or even questions that other teachers would conside r to be challenges to their authority.” Ben Sanders

“I am really very pleased the the dynamic of our group. I feel like I learned a lot through out discussions, both about the course topics and other topics in the public health field. I really appreciate and value each of my fellow group members opinions. Overall, this educational experience was very pleasant.”

“Good response time to any emails I sent with questions. Internet learning is very effective by incooporating the discussion forums. I feel like I am in a real classroom with my peers!” Stela Striligas

“[My teaching assistant] has been an excellent TA. The feedback from both the TA and Dr. Schoenbach has been extremely helpful and always timely. Thank you both!” Marylee Brown

“I really enjoyed the discussion forums. They helped me with case studies and gave me a chance to use what I learned from lectures in great discussions with others.”

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