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Please consider the following regarding IT support within Epidemiology:

  • Epidemiology normal support hours are: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on business days.
  • UNC’s ServiceNow will be used for tracking all Epid IT Support requests. Faculty/staff/students should initiate all help tickets via ServiceNow.
  • The ServiceNow system automatically notifies Epid IT Support staff via email. Inbound tickets are triaged and addressed according to priority. Generally speaking, four factors are used to determine priority: 1) Business impact (e.g. Is critical work affected? How many people are affected? etc.), 2) Deadline requirement, 3) Ticket submitter. Faculty are given highest priority, followed by staff and students, and 4) Length of time the ticket has been open.
  • Incidences (i.e. “Something Broken”) may be addressed by central-campus IT support. If the ticket is deemed specific to Epidemiology IT, the ticket is distributed to Epid IT Support. The IT Support supervisor receives automatic escalation notifications via email if the ticket is not acknowledged in a timely manner, and is responsible for reassigning the task accordingly.
  • It is the intention of the Epid IT Support staff to resolve help ticket requests within 3 business days of submission. Tickets that remain in the queue after 3 business days will be acknowledged by updating the submitter via email with a time estimate of when the ticket can be addressed. Tickets that continue to remain in the queue beyond 1 week will receive weekly status updates to the submitter, unless a longer time estimate has already been communicated to the submitter.
  • Ticket status will be kept up-to-date and maintained within ServiceNow. Users can check the status of their ticket by viewing their ticket log within ServiceNow. The submitter should also use ServiceNow to update their ticket details or to request an escalation of the priority.

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