Department of Epidemiology

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and associates of the Department have conducted research and/or offered courses in other areas in epidemiology, including aging, digestive diseases epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, physical activity, nutritional epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, and social epidemiology, and have advised students in other areas as well. This diversity enriches the training of our students and also enables the Department to be more supportive of the activities of other departments and centers in the School and elsewhere in the University.

Epidemiology faculty, students and alumni are supported by a skilled and dedicated staff that contribute to areas such as student services, professional development, information technology and research.


Adaora Adimora,
Allison E. Aiello, PhDProfessor and Social Epidemiology Program
Lorraine Alexander, DrPHAssociate
Christy Avery, PhDAssociate
Chris Baggett, PhDAssistant
Ralph S. Baric, PhDWilliam R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor
John A. Baron,
Patricia Basta, PhDAssistant
Sylvia Becker-Dreps, MD, MPHAssociate
Jeannette Bensen, PhDAssociate
Ross M. Boyce, MDAssistant
Eboneé Nicole Butler, PhDAssistant
Myron Cohen, MDYeargan-Bate Eminent Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology and Associate Vice Chancellor for Global
Stephen R. Cole,
Julie L. Daniels,
Tania Desrosiers, PhDAssistant
Bethany DiPrete, PhDAssistant
Kathleen Dorsey, PhDAssociate
Andrew Edmonds, PhDAssociate
Jessie K. Edwards, PhDAssistant
Michael Emch, PhDW.R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished
Marc Emerson, PhDAssistant
Lawrence S. Engel, PhDAssociate
Stephanie M. Engel,
Kelly R. Evenson,
Nora Franceschini, MD, MPH,
Yvonne Golightly, PhDAssociate
Satish Gopal, MD, MPHAssociate
Emily W. Gower, PhDAssociate
Misa Graff, PhDAssociate
Rachel Graham, PhDAssistant
Lisa Gralinski, PhDAssistant
Heather M. Highland, PhDAssistant
Juan M. Hincapie-Castillo, PharmD, PhDAssistant
Michele Jonsson-Funk, PhDAssociate
Anna Kucharska-Newton, PhDAssistant
Justin Lessler,
Sara Levintow, PhDAssistant
Laura Loehr, MD, PhD, MSAssistant
Jennifer L. Lund, PhDAssociate
David M. Margolis,
Steve Marshall,
Chantel Martin, PhDAssistant
Joanna "Asia" Maselko, ScDAssociate
Evan Mayo-Wilson, DPhil, MPAAssociate
Sonia Napravnik, PhDAssociate
Becky Naumann, PhDAssistant
Hazel B. Nichols, PhDAssociate
Kari North,
Andrew Olshan, PhDBarbara Sorenson Hulka Distinguished Professor in Cancer
Brian Wells Pence,
Audrey Pettifor,
Charles Poole, ScDAssociate
Kimberly Powers, PhDAssociate
Shabbar I. Ranapurwala, PhD, MPH, BHMSAssistant
David Richardson, PhDAssociate
Wayne Rosamond,
Robert S. Sandler,
Alexandra Schaefer, PhDAssistant
Timothy Sheahan, PhDAssistant
Jennifer S. Smith,
Anne P. Starling, PhDAssistant
June Stevens, PhDDistinguished
Til Stürmer, MD, MPH, PhDNancy A. Dreyer Distinguished Professor and
Caroline A. Thompson, PhD, MPHAssociate
Melissa Troester,
Anissa I. Vines, MS, PhDAssociate
David Jay Weber,
Sharon Stucker Weir, PhDAssistant
Daniel Westreich,
Eric A. Whitsel, MD,
Mollie E. Wood, PhD, MPHAssistant
Karin B. Yeatts, PhDAssociate Professor and MPH Concentration Lead, Applied
Kristin Young, PhDAssistant

Emeritus Faculty

Frieda Behets, PhDProfessor
Barbara HulkaKenan Professor
Michel Ibrahim, PhDDean and Professor
Victor J. Schoenbach, PhDProfessor Emeritus
John SeedProfessor
Carl ShyProfessor
James Thomas, PhD, MPHProfessor

Adjunct Faculty

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Elizabeth B. Andrews, PhDAdjunct Associate
Donna Baird, PhDAdjunct
James D. Beck, PhDAdjunct
Douglas A. Bell, PhDAdjunct
Alexander BreskinAdjunct Assistant Professor, Department of
Wendy R. Brewster, MD, PhDAdjunct
Jane H. Brice, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Donald L. Budenz, MD, MPHAdjunct Professor
Gregory L. Burke, MD, MSAdjunct
Leigh F. Callahan, PhDAdjunct
Timothy S. Carey, MD, MPHClinical
Patricia P. Chang, MD, MHSAdjunct Associate
Benjamin H. Chi, MD, MScAdjunct
Dennis A. Clements, MD, PhDAdjunct
Remy R. Coeytaux, MD, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Joseph A. Cook, MD, MPHAdjunct
Kourtney J. Davis, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Jen DeeseAdjunct Assistant
Evan S. Dellon, MD, MPHAdjunct Associate
John M. Dement, PhDAdjunct
Kimon Divaris, DDS, PhDAdjunct Associate
Eric Donaldson, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Nancy Dreyer, PhD, MPHAdjunct
Mohamed E. El Hag Ahmed, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Alan R. Ellis, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Jeffrey P. Engel, MDAdjunct
Sara A. Ephross, PhDAdjunct Associate
Joseph J. Eron, Jr., MDAdjunct
Lydia B. Feinstein, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Kelly K. Ferguson, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Aaron T. Fleischauer, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Robert H. Fletcher, MDAdjunct
Suzanne W. Fletcher, MD, MScAdjunct Professor
Bradley N. Gaynes, MD, MPHAdjunct
Alicia Gilsenan, PhDAdjunct
Cynthia J. Girman, DrPHAdjunct
Mugdha N. Gokhale, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Christine L. Gray, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Laura C. Hanson, MD, MPHAdjunct
Quaker E. Harmon, MD, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Louise M. Henderson, PhDAdjunct Associate
Jane A. Hoppin, ScDAdjunct Assistant
Debra E. Irwin, PhDAdjunct Associate
Amy Ising, MSISAdjunct
Chandra L. Jackson, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Candice Johnson, PhDAdjunct Assistant Professor, Department of
Jonathan J. Juliano, MD, MSPHAdjunct Associate
Michael D. Kappelman, MD, MPHAdjunct
Jay S. Kaufman, PhDAdjunct
Stephen B. Kritchevsky, PhDAdjunct
J. Bradley Layton, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Jay F. Levine, DVM, MPHAdjunct
James W.S. Lewis, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Duanping Liao, MD, PhDAdjunct Associate
Stephanie J. London, MD, PhDAdjunct
Matthew P. Longnecker, MD, ScDAdjunct
Dana P. Loomis, PhDAdjunct
Thomas J. Luben , PhDAdjunct Assistant
Pia D. MacDonald, PhDAdjunct Associate
Christina D. Mack, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Timothy D. Mastro, MDAdjunct
Ann M. McNeill, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Pauline Mendola, PhDAdjunct
Prema Menezes, PhDAdjunct Associate
Michelle L. Meyer, PhDAdjunct Assistant Professor
Anne-Marie Meyer, PhDAdjunct Associate
David P. Miller, ScD, SMAdjunct Assistant Professor
William C. Miller, MD, PhDAdjunct
Victoria Mobley, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Keri L. Monda, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Lucas M. Neas, MSE, ScDAdjunct Associate
Matthew E. Nielsen, MD, MSAdjunct Associate
Sarah J. Nyante, PhD, MSPHAdjunct Assistant
David Peden, MD, MSAdjunct
Miquel S. Porta, MD, MPHAdjunct
Scott K. Proescholdbell, MPHAdjunct Assistant
David F. Ransohoff, MDClinical
David L. Rosen, MD, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Erika Samoff, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Dale P. Sandler, PhD, MPHAdjunct
Pamela J. Schwingl, PhD, MSAdjunct Assistant
Arlene C. Sena-Soberano, MD, MPHAdjunct Associate
Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPHAdjunct
Sumitra Shantakumar, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Mark E. Sherman, MDAdjunct
Ilene C. Siegler, PhD, MPHAdjunct Professor
Ross J. Simpson, Jr., MD, PhDClinical
Gary D. Slade, BDSc, DDPHAdjunct
Betsy L. Sleath, PhD, MSAdjunct
Paul E. Stang, PhD, MSAdjunct Associate
Markus J. Steiner, PhD, MSPHAdjunct Assistant
Ronald P. Strauss, DMD, PhDClinical
Jeffrey S.A. Stringer, MDAdjunct
Jack A. Taylor, MD, PhDAdjunct
Steve M. Taylor, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
John Thorp, Jr.,
Vani Vannappagari, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Emily E. Vavalle, PhD, MSAdjunct Associate
Anthony J. Viera, MD, MPHAdjunct
Andres Villaveces, MD, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Catherine J. Vladutiu, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Timothy J. Wade, PhD, MPHAdjunct Associate
Emmanuel B. Walter, MD, MPHAdjunct Associate
Julia B. Ward, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Clarice Weinberg, PhDAdjunct
Suzanne L. West, PhD, MPHAdjunct Associate
Alexandra J. White, PhD, MSPHAdjunct Assistant
Allen J. Wilcox, MD, PhDAdjunct
Rachel E. Williams, PhD, MSAdjunct Assistant
David A. Wohl, MDAdjunct
Christopher Woods, MDAdjunct Assistant
Jose P. Zevallos, MD, MPHAdjunct Associate


Andrea Bankoski, MPHIT
Lisa BradleyAdministrative Support
Chandra CaldwellBusiness
Nancy CulbersonSystems Programmer/
Spencer GeeTech Support
T. Terrill HudginsTech Support
Azizou Seh IbrahimAccounting
Kim LudwigApplications
Victoria MooreAssistant to the Chair for Business and Finance and Business
Hillary MortensenProject
Kalyn ParrishAccounting
Virginia Pate, MSApplications
Rebecca Rohde, MSApplications
Jessica Tse, MSPHApplications
Lily WangApplications
Molly WenApplications
Kathy WisniewskiApplications

Research Staff

Sara Jones Berkeley, PhDAssistant
Stephanie BlairResearch
Kathy BorronSocial/Clinical Research
Chyrise Bradley, MAResearch
Katlyn Delaney, BSResearch
Andrea Des Marais, MPHProject
Caroline Hoffman DilworthLead Projects
Sarah Doughty, MPHProject
Christian Douglas,
Caitlin E. EdwardsResearch
Haley Garrett, BSResearch
Annika K. Gunderson, MScData
Katherine HarmsenClinical Quality Control
Phyllis JohnsonSocial Clinical Research
Marti KepnerAssistant Project
Erin KirkResearch
Joy KloetzerSocial/Clinical Research
Lisa LindesmithResearch
Amy LowmanProject
Ben McGlaughonProject Manager/Lab
Heena MehtaResearch
Vineet Menachery, PhDPostdoctoral
Sharon Peacock HintonResearch
Cortney Pylant, MSLab
Allan Rene de CotretResearch
Julie Rusyniak, MS, BCBASocial/Clinical Research
Trevor ScobeyLaboratory
Kyaw ThwaiResearch
Long Ping Victor TseResearch
Yujie Wang,
Tamara Teague Watson, MEdResearch Clinician, Clinician Reviewer,
Jerusha Weaver, MPH, CHESProject
Ande WestResearch
Douglas Widman, PhDPostdoctoral Research
Ellen Young, PhDResearch Associate, Department of
Boyd Yount, Jr.Research

Post Docs

Chelsea AndersonPostdoctoral Scholar
Celeste ButtsPostdoctoral Scholar
Carmen CuthbertsonPostdoctoral Scholar
David HolcombPostdoctoral Scholar
Yixuan (Jacob) HouPostdoctoral Scholar
Corinna KeelerPostdoctoral Scholar
Faye KoenigsmarkPostdoctoral Scholar
Harold LeePostdoctoral Scholar
Moa LeePostdoctoral
Sarah LeistPostdoctoral
Albert LiuPostdoctoral Scholar
Shelly-Ann LovePostdoctoral Scholar
David MartinezPostdoctoral
Rita MeganckPostdoctoral Scholar
Fernando MoreiraPostdoctoral Scholar
John PowersPostdoctoral Scholar
Amanda RamosPostdoctoral Scholar
Jung Kyun SeoPostdoctoral Scholar
Shahar ShmuelPostdoctoral Scholar
Mohammad YaserPostdoctoral Scholar
Paul ZivichPostdoctoral Scholar