Awards for HPM Students

Awards and scholarships are given to students in recognition of their merit and excellence in teaching, research, and service. Some awards are offered to outstanding students as part of their financial aid package during recruitment. Others are awarded during the department’s annual Student Awards Ceremony in April. Alumni who were inspired by their experiences in HPM to support current students funded several of these awards. Each award has unique eligibility requirements, including but not limited to degree program, year of study, area of interest, and contributions toward equity and inclusion.

These are the available HPM departmental awards for 2022.

Financial Aid, Fellowship and Assistantship Information for HPM Students

The HPM Department awards a limited number of teaching assistantships (TA positions) that typically provide a stipend and some tuition, fee, and health insurance support. Many HPM students who are interested in gaining research experience find opportunities to work with faculty in graduate research assistantships (RA positions), which typically provide salary support, and often provide some tuition, fee, and health insurance support as well. Below are links that describe various assistantships, scholarships, and grants that recognize HPM students’ achievements and contributions, along with other helpful financial aid information.

HPM Financial Aid, Award, and Assistantship Information

Costs and Funding – includes tuition/fees and financial aid information

Funding information from the Graduate School