Department of Health Policy and Management

Equity and Inclusion

Diversity is not tolerance for difference but inclusion of those who are not the majority. It should not be measured as a count or a fraction–that is somehow demeaning. Success at maintaining diversity would be when we no longer ask if we are diverse enough, because it has become the norm, not remarkable.”
Anonymous HPM student, in response to student survey.

Diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion are values that we aspire to uphold in the Department of Health Policy and Management. We regularly discuss these values in our faculty meetings and are working to assess and improve our policies and practices so that they become embedded in our culture.

We have not found the answers, but we are actively, as a department, measuring where we are and striving to do better.

We have a Faculty Equity Collective and a Student Equity Collective – groups of faculty and student leaders who meet regularly to provide leadership and guidance on these issues for the department.

Student Resource List for Diversity and Inclusion

The following are some of the extensive campus resources that promote inclusion and education for a diverse UNC community:

From HPM:

Faculty Equity Collective Newsletter, Spring 2021

From the Gillings School of Global Public Health:

UNC Resources:


Graduate Students who are Parents:

UNC Global:


SAFE at UNC  – Portal for UNC community for resources and information about discrimination, harassment, etc.