Careers don’t just happen. They are expertly cultivated and nurtured. In the Health Policy and Management department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill careers take center stage as two full-time staff members (including a former North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services official and HPM alumnus) broaden the range of opportunities for graduates through extensive professional networks, ongoing recruiting visits and development of job-seeking skills. The chief goals — to make graduates more marketable and to expand their professional opportunities.

The department operates two offices for careers and professional development:

The Office of Professional Development and Alumni Relations exists to assist students with a seamless transition into the professional work force upon graduation. This unique program enhances the visibility of students through professional relationships and industry contacts that are second to none.

The Career Services Office (CSO) supports summer internships, career placement, career resources, departmental alumni activities/alumni related events, and alumni database liaison functions for undergraduates and residential Master’s students.

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