HPM students pose together in UNC blue.

HPM students pose together in UNC blue.

Services provided by the Career Services Office include:

  • Individual counseling: Students can sign up for individual counseling sessions to discuss resume & cover letter preparation, interviewing skills, internship opportunities, mentoring links, and job searches.
  • Internship Process: The CSO coordinates the process of completing the required internship experience during the summer between the two years in the department in association with the student’s faculty advisor and the procedures outlined in the Internship Manual. This process includes assistance in identifying a placement site and developing the internship plan.
  • Employment Opportunities: The CSO distributes numerous job announcements, internship opportunities, and fellowship/residency opportunities via email. Job announcements also are posted on the HPM website through the Jobs link. The CSO also coordinates the schedule of recruiting visits for organizations coming into the department during the year.
  • Recruiting Presentations and Interviews: Current and prospective preceptors and employers are invited to interview students during the year for internships, fellowships, and job openings. Interview dates and times are announced regularly through the CSO. See more information for recruiters here.
  • Internship information sessions: Two mandatory informational meetings are held early in the fall and spring semesters. During the fall meeting the process of obtaining an internship is described, including internship objectives, communication with preceptors, and key dates. All required internship paperwork is explained during the spring session.
  • Internship Fair: An Internship Fair for graduate students is held in the fall through HPM 701 (Professional Development). Undergraduates also participate in an Internship Fair for HPM 393 in late September or early October. The setup is similar to a Career Fair in that new students (juniors and 1st year Masters) can go from table to table to talk with the participants and find out more about their completed internships. The 2nd year Masters and the Seniors are required to do a slide deck that outlines the organization, the projects they did and any other information that might be helpful.
  • Professional Development Workshops: Professional development workshops are held at various times throughout the academic year and offer students opportunities to improve skills that will enhance both internship and job search experiences.


Cathy Padgett
Career Services Coordinator
118 Rosenau Hall, CB #7411
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7411

BSPH, MSPH and Resident MHA:
Academic Coordinator: Yolonda N. Childs

Doctoral and Executive MHA:
Academic Coordinator: Kim Sieler

Assistant to Chair: Stephanie Forman
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MPH@UNC (MPH Online) Only:
Program Coordinator, John Sugg

Mailing Address
135 Dauer Drive
1101 McGavran-Greenberg Hall, CB #7411
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7411