Our Students

Our students are interested in a variety of topics. The following questions reflect just a few of the diverse interest areas our students explore while in the department.

  • Health disparities: What can we do to address the causes of health disparities both in the U.S. and internationally?
  • Health reform: In what ways will health reform change the future of U.S. healthcare?
  • Access to care: What can be done to improve access to healthcare for underserved populations?
  • Healthcare quality and costs: How can we improve the quality of care while also managing rising healthcare expenditures?
  • Health promotion & disease prevention: What can we do to address preventable illnesses caused by tobacco use, obesity, and physical inactivity?
  • Global Health: How do other countries deliver healthcare and what can the U.S. learn from their successes and failures? How can we improve health systems and services in low resource countries?
  • Management and Leadership: How can we best lead organizations and partnerships toward providing high quality services and achieving great outcomes?

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