North Carolina Institute for Public Health

Mesic, N.C., September 14, 2011 -- Hurricane Irene’s damage left many homeless. NCIPH offers a number of resources including a mapping tool to identify vulnerable populations, training programs and assessment services to support public health agencies’ ability to address the needs of vulnerable populations. Read more. Photo:Marilee Caliendo/FEMA.

Message from the Director
"The Institute is the cornerstone of our School’s outreach and service with a vision of transforming public health across North Carolina and beyond. We train the public health workforce and develop solutions for some of our most pressing public health concerns."
Anna P. Schenck, PhD, MSPH
NCIPH Director and Associate Dean of Public Health Practice

The North Carolina Institute for Public Health puts public health in action.

Our mission is to deliver training, conduct research and provide technical assistance to transform the practice of public health for all. NCIPH works with our partners to:

  • conduct training and education for the public health workforce;
  • collaborate on technical assistance, research and evaluation projects;
  • translate research to practice;
  • publish and present scholarly practice-based work; and
  • link students to research projects and practica.

Introduction to Public Health in North Carolina Training Series
NCIPH recently revised the online Introduction to Public Health in North Carolina training series. This free, interactive training series is designed to introduce local public health practitioners with the practice of public health in NC and the important role and responsibilities they have in providing public health services in their communities.