We strengthen the skills and capacity of public health professionals through education, training and professional development services and programs.

As part of the Gillings School of Global Public Health, NCIPH serves as a bridge between academia and partners in community organizations and government agencies. NCIPH is part of the School’s longstanding history of delivering training to public health practitioners in North Carolina, the region and the nation.

At NCIPH, we value our role in shaping the professional education and leadership development of the local, state and national public health workforce. We align ourselves with the stated values of UNC Gillings to ensure we train and develop public health professionals within a climate that is intentionally diverse and inclusive. We are committed to fostering a learning environment that centers  sustained equity and inclusion and which prepares our program participants to better partner with and meet the needs of the diverse communities they serve.  

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Team Members

Rachel Wilfert, MD, MPH, CPH
Director, Workforce Training and Education
(919) 966-4085

Ki’Yonna Jones
Training Associate

Julia Kimmel, MPH
Project Assistant

Janet Suttie, MA

Janet Suttie, MA
Project Director, Emerging Leaders in Public Health

Marcia Swartz,
Training Associate

Lori Rhew, MA
Training and Accreditation Coordinator
(919) 843-0836

Jacqueline K. McIver
Event Planner

Cherelle Whitfield
Lead Event Planner

Ready to work with us? Contact Rachel Wilfert, Director of Workforce Training and Education

If you have questions about a particular program or need assistance with registration, please email nciph@unc.edu.