Students study at one of the many technology hotspots in the School.

Students study at one of the many technology hotspots in the School.

Our School has numerous spaces in which faculty, staff, students and others may host classes, seminars, meetings and other events or programs. We also provide audiovisual and other teaching and event support services.  Review the Gillings School Guidelines for reserving rooms and utilizing event spaces in the school.

The Office of Student Affairs will confirm all requests and send a confirmation. Same day requests are no longer accepted. You must book your room 1-2 business days in advance. Requests for meetings, events, or programs will not be confirmed until classes have been scheduled for that semester (April 15 for fall semester reservations and November 15 for spring semester reservations). Also note that department conference rooms must be confirmed via the appropriate department.  Reservation requests are not processed during the winter break and will resume after January 2nd.

Questions about reservations or AV equipment?

How to Reserve a Room:

Room Reservations: Book your reservation using one of the options above. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student Affairs at

Audiovisual Equipment: Contact AV Services,, or call 966-6536.

Course Change Request Form

The Office of Student Affairs will use a Course Scheduling process to strategically assign classrooms each semester, you may review the Course Scheduling Timeline if needed. Instructors may request a classroom change if the room assigned for their course does not accommodate their class size or technology needs. The Office of Student Affairs cannot guarantee the request can be processed, as this depends on room availability. Change requests submitted after semester deadlines may not be processed due to the lack of room availability and will only be considered for students with ARS challenges.

Currently course scheduling for the upcoming semester has been completed and all requests submitted after November 15th, 2017 may not be accommodated. If you need to request a classroom change, please email the Director of Student Services at to make your request.

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs if you have any additional questions at (919) 966-2499.



These spaces are designed for classroom instruction, and feature permanently installed AV technology. More information about the specific equipment in each room and how to reserve these rooms can be found at: Classrooms



Conference Spaces

Conference spaces
Conference spaces are designed with seating around a central table. They are available in several sizes, and with and without technology. Information on specific equipment and how to reserve these spaces can be found at: Conference spaces



Remote Conference Spaces

Remote Conference Spaces
The School has two dedicated spaces for remote conferencing using videoconferencing, web conferencing, or a combination of the two. Information about scheduling and use of these spaces can be found here: Remote Conferencing (Zoom)



Event and Special Spaces

Event and Special Spaces
The School has spaces for hosting of various events and spaces to help keep you fit, such as our new Walkfit stations. For more information on these spaces: Event and special spaces



AV Equipment

AV Requests

AV Requests
To request and schedule available equipment from the AV services offices, please use this form: AV Reservation Form

View Gillings camera enabled classrooms


Facilities services

Please review the Gillings School Room Use Guidelines.  Please contact Julie McManus as soon as possible if your meeting, event or program requires the following:

  • Tables (including table cloths)
  • Extra chairs
  • The removal or rearranging of furniture
  • Atrium display cases
  • Security access to the building outside of regular work hours (including on weekends)
  • Housekeeping or cleaning services
  • Extra large banners

If you plan to serve food or refreshments, you will be responsible for setting up and cleaning the space. If the room needs to be rearranged for your event, please restore it to the original condition before leaving.

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