Centrally Managed Conference and Meeting Spaces

Visit the Room and AV Reservations page for more information about the room reservation process.

Infrastructure Planning Update

Limited conference and classroom reservations will reopen in Outlook on May 17.

Conference and classrooms in each of our buildings will open May 17 for summer reservations. Reduced capacity will continue in these spaces through the summer but are expected to return to full occupancy no later than the beginning of the fall semester. The following spaces will be available to reserve:

  • Rosenau Hall, Rooms 133, 228, 235
  • McGavran-Greenberg Hall, Rooms 2306 and 2308
  • Michael Hooker Research Center, Rooms 0015 and 2005 (conference rooms)
  • Outdoor Courtyards

Questions about Reservations or AV Equipment?

How to Reserve a Room:

Room Reservations: Book your reservation using one of the options above. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student Affairs at sph-rooms@unc.edu.

The Office of Student Affairs will confirm all requests and send a confirmation. Same day requests are no longer accepted. You must book your room 1-2 business days in advance.
Audiovisual Equipment: Contact AV Services, sph_av@unc.edu, or call 966-6536.

Available Rooms (Capacity)

In-room Equipment

The conference spaces with permanent technology have the following AV equipment:

  • Ceiling-mounted LCD projector
  • Desktop computer with the following programs or applications:
    • Windows 10; Microsoft Office Suite; Google Chrome; Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox; Real Player; Windows Media Player; QuickTime; Adobe Reader; Flash Player; First Class; SAS; ArcGIS
  • Connection for the display of a laptop computer
  • Conference phone

Additional Equipment

Additional AV equipment such as PowerPoint remotes, webcams or conference cams, overhead projectors and 35mm slide projectors can be reserved through AV services by filling out the form:  AV Reservation Form

Facilities Services

If your meeting, event or program requires the following, please contact Julie McManus as soon as possible to make arrangements for:

  • Tables (including table cloths)
  • Extra chairs
  • The removal or rearranging of furniture
  • Atrium display cases
  • Security access to the building outside of regular work hours (including on weekends)
  • Housekeeping or cleaning services
  • Extra large banners

If you plan to serve food or refreshments, you will be responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the space. If the room set-up is rearranged for your event, please restore it to the original condition before leaving.