Visit the Room and AV Reservations page for more information about the room reservation process.

Available Rooms (Capacity)

Mothers’ Room (227-A Rosenau Hall) (2 people)

Lower Lobby, McGavran-Greenberg Hall (30 people)

Upper Lobby, McGavran-Greenberg Hall (30 people)

Lower Lobby, Rosenau Hall (40 people)

Armfield Atrium, Michael Hooker Research Center (40 people)

McGavran-Greenberg Courtyards (100 people)

Lower Atrium, Michael Hooker Research Center (100 people)

Facilities services

If your meeting, event or program requires the following, please contact Julie McManus as soon as possible to make arrangements for:

  • Tables (including table cloths)
  • Extra chairs
  • The removal or rearranging of furniture
  • Atrium display cases
  • Security access to the building outside of regular work hours (including on weekends)
  • Housekeeping or cleaning services
  • Extra large banners

If you plan to serve food or refreshments, you will be responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the space. If the room set-up is rearranged for your event, please restore it to the original condition before leaving.