From the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice
Volume 12, Number 5

Editorial: The Management Academy for Public Health: Together We Can Make a Difference
William L. Roper

Management Academy for Public Health: Program Design and Critical Success Factors
Stephen Orton, Karl E. Umble, Benson Rosen, Jacqueline McIver, and Anne J. Menkens

The Crucible of Public Health Practice: Major Trends Shaping the Design of the Management Academy for Public Health
James H. Johnson, Jr, Barbara J. Sabol, and Edward L. Baker, Jr

Creating the Management Academy for Public Health: Relationships Are Primary
Edward L. Baker, Jr, Claude Earl Fox, Susan B. Hassmiller, Barbara J. Sabol, and C. Charles Stokes

The UNC Management Academy for Public Health: How the UNC School of Public Health and the Kenan-Flagler Business School Created a Winning Partnership
Janet E. Porter, Stephen Orton, James H. Johnson, Jr, and Karl E. Umble

Evaluating the Impact of the Management Academy for Public Health: Developing Entrepreneurial Managers and Organizations
Karl E. Umble, Stephen Orton, Benson Rosen, and Judith Ottoson

Creating Community-based Access to Primary Healthcare for the Uninsured Through Strategic Alliances and Restructuring Local Health Department Programs
E. Shirin L. Scotten and Ann C. Absher

Addressing the Problem of Pet Overpopulation: The Experience of New Hanover County Animal Control Services
Jean McNeil and Elisabeth Constandy

A Sustainable Behavioral Health Program Integrated With Public Health Primary Care
Susan Mims

Peer Power: How Dare County, North Carolina, Is Addressing Chronic Disease Through Innovative Programming
Anne B. Thomas and Ellie Ward

The Management Academy for Public Health: The South Carolina Experience
Dorothy A. Cumbey and Lu Anne Ellison

Developing a Web-based Data Mining Application to Impact Community Health Improvement Initiatives: The Virginia Atlas of Community Health
Jeffrey L. Wilson


The Management Academy for Public Health: Transforming the Business of Healthcare
Bertram E. Walls

Synergies Between Public Health and Management
David G. Altman

Business Practice: A Key to Effective Public Health Practice
Stephanie B. C. Bailey

Public Health Management: Out of the Shadows
Bernard J. Turnock

Business Planning for Public Health From the North Carolina Institute for Public Health
Stephen Orton and Anne J. Menkens

Public Health Practice and Academic Medicine: Promising Partnerships
Regional Medicine Public Health Education Centers—Two Cycles

Rika Maeshiro