Portrait of HPM PhD student Sophie Ravanbakht

Sophie Ravanbakht

Health Policy and Management PhD Candidate
Concentration: Decision Sciences and Outcomes Research
Email: snravan@email.unc.edu
ORCID Profile
Sophie Ravanbakht is a PhD candidate in Health Policy and Management with a concentration in decision sciences and outcomes research. Sophie is also a predoctoral trainee in the Carolina Population Center’s Biosocial training program.

Sophie’s research interests center on exploring solutions to complex health problems that emerge from systemic and cultural intersections affecting underserved immigrant and pediatric populations. Using systems science tools and a mixed-methods approach in her research, Sophie is interested in the biosocial influence of stress, immigration, and acculturation across generations and the life course in order to improve clinical guidelines, patient-centered care, policy guidance, and community resources for vulnerable populations.

Through her dissertation, Sophie seeks to increase understanding of how stress-related mechanisms that underlie discordant acculturation in Latino immigrant children and their caregivers influence health behaviors, quality of life, and weight status.

BSPH, MSPH and Resident MHA:
Academic Coordinator: Yolonda N. Childs

Doctoral and Executive MHA:
Academic Coordinator: Kim Sieler

Assistant to Chair: Stephanie Forman
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