A climate of inclusive excellence is crucial for the recruitment, retention, success and satisfaction of the very best faculty, staff and students. A permanent dean’s level committee, the Inclusive Excellence Council (IEC), was established in Fall 2019 to address these issues within the context of public health education is necessary to ensure our School will be well-equipped to address these needs in a strategic manner. The Council is comprised of faculty, staff and students from across the School. Faculty and staff were nominated by their respective departments and serve 3-year terms. Students are selected through an online application process and serve 1-2-year terms.

The IEC is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of the strategic priorities listed in the inclusive excellence action plan.
  • Advising on and coordinating activities that support and strengthen a climate of inclusive excellence within our School.
  • Advising faculty, staff and students regarding issues of diversity and climate within the School.
  • Serving as chair(s) of action plan subcommittees that lead school-wide efforts to meet our stated goals.
  • Providing updates on Council activities to their units and serve as a liaison regarding inclusive excellence.
  • Periodically revising the inclusive excellence action plan as needed.


Current Members

headshots for 2019-2020 Inclusive Excellence Council

How to Join

Interested in joining either the inclusive excellence council or one of its subcommittees? Contact Dr. Yesenia Merino for more information or to ask questions.

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